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Headline Source Researcher Date
Fentanyl suspected cause of dozens of drug overdoses in B.C. Globe & Mail Jane Buxton December 31
Opening the door to Ebola-hit countries Maclean's Annalee Yassi December 30
Biosimilars on the cusp of making waves in Canada's pharmaceutical sector Financial Post Steve Morgan December 30
Opiate antidote kits expected to save lives Nanaimo News Bulletin Jane Buxton December 17
Live in a Walkable Neighborhood? You Get to be Thinner and More Healthy Fast Co.Exist Eleni Kefala, Victoria Lee, Jat Sandhu December 16
Researchers see decline in injuries worldwide The Christian Science Monitor Mariana Brussoni December 14
The Cuban Health Paradox Yahoo! Jerry Spiegel December 13
How Much Protein Do You Really Need? U.S. News Rajavel Elango December 11
Relationships are the keys to children's sense of well-being Hamilton Spectator Anne Gadermann December 9
Watching the waistline while enjoying holiday eats? News1130 Rachel Murphy December 8
Relationships key to kids' well-being, UBC study finds The Star Anne Gadermann December 8
NYC-style sodium strategy could benefit Canadians Vancouver Sun Rachel Murphy December 1
Living in Vancouver's walkable neighbourhoods lowers chance of obesity by 31%, says study VanCityBuzz Jat Sandhu November 30
Kids prefer natural elements in their play areas: UBC News1130 Mariana Brussoni November 29
Quebec Pharmacies Vow 'Big Battle' Against Province's Drug Pricing Huffington Post Michael Law November 27
VIDEO: A new online silica safety tool Journal of Commerce Hugh Davies November 27
Quebec pharmacies vow 'big battle' against province's drug pricing plan CityNews Michael Law November 27
Costly playgrounds boring kids: UBC 24 Hours Mariana Brussoni November 25
5 minutes with Drs. Michael Brauer and Sarah Henderson CanadianLung AssociateBlog Michael Brauer & Sarah Henderson November 24
Study finds many Grade 4 students thriving in Mission Mission City Record Human Early Learning Partnership November 20
UBC study finds no link between bicycle helmet laws and head injuries The Ubyssey Kay Teschke, Mieke Koehoorn, & Hui Shen November 18
Pharmacare should be at the top of Trudeau's agenda The Star Aslam Anis, Moris Barer, Charlyn Black, Mariana Brussoni, Stirling Bryan, Bruce Carleton, Carolyn Gotay, Arminee Kazanjian, Mieke Koehoorn, Jacek Kopec November 17
Risky outdoor play positively impacts children's health Australasian Liesure Management Mariana Brussoni November 15
Fewer women than men hospitalized due to crashes on bikes: UBC research News 1130 Kay Teschke & Mieke Koehoorn November 12
Whooping cough cases spike in B.C. 24 Hours Danuta Skowronski November 12
Joint UBC, U of T study finds that women are less likely to be injured than men on their bikes Canadian Cycling Magazine Kay Teschke & Mieke Koehoorn November 12
Bike helmet laws don't reduce injuries: study CJAD 800 AM Kay Teschke & Mieke Koehoorn November 12
Imposer le casque de vélo ne réduit pas les blessures Le Devoir Kay Teschke & Mieke Koehoorn November 12
Female cyclists less likely to be injured than men as they take fewer risks Independent Kay Teschke & Mieke Koehoorn November 12
Women are safer cyclists than men, says U of T study Metro News Kay Teschke & Mieke Koehoorn November 10
Female cyclists have lower hospitalization rates, study finds CBC News Kay Teschke & Mieke Koehoorn November 10
More Evidence That Helmet Laws Don't Work Streets Blog USA Kay Teschke & Mieke Koehoorn November 10
The Latest Evidence That Helmet Laws Don't Help Bike Safety The Atlantic CityLab Kay Teschke & Mieke Koehoorn November 10
Is artificial turf linked to cancer? (video) CTV Vancouver Island Trevor Dummer November 9
Over-prescription of opioids linked to higher death rates in B.C. The Ubyssey Steve Morgan November 9
Bike helmet laws may no be key to protecting cyclists: UBC News1130 Kay Teschke & Mieke Koehoorn November 8
Canada's health-care system braces for hike in costs with influx of seniors Globe & Mail Steve Morgan November 8
Here's a way to reduce bike injuries: Ride like a woman Quartz Kay Teschke & Mieke Koehoorn November 8
Is there a link between artificial turf and cancer? Toronto Sun Trevor Dummer November 7
Bike helmet laws have little effect reducing head injuries, says UBC study CBC News Kay Teschke & Mieke Koehoorn November 6
B.C. cancer expert urges research on artificial turf risk MSN Trevor Dummer November 6
Artificial turf and cancer in soccer goalies explored in documentary CBC News Trevor Dummer November 6
B.C. cancer expert urges research on artificial turf The Province Trevor Dummer November 6
Helmet laws do not reduce rates of serious injury for cyclists, University of British Columbia study argues Canadian Cycling Magazine Kay Teschke & Mieke Koehoorn November 6
Bike helmet laws 'do not prevent head injuries' The Telegraph Kay Teschke & Mieke Koehoorn November 6
Artificial turf and cancer? (video) CBC TV Trevor Dummer November 6
Health concerns raised about artificial turf (video) Global TV Trevor Dummer November 6
Is there a link between playing on artificial turf and your risk of getting cancer? (audio) The Lynda Steele Show CKNW 980 Trevor Dummer November 6
Bike 'helmet laws didn't help at all': prof 24 Hours Kay Teschke & Mieke Koehoorn November 5
What Trudeau Can Do To Make Medicines Accessible To All Canadians Huffington Post Steve Morgan November 4
Parents and coaches weigh risks of preteens pushing their limits in extreme sports The Georgia Straight Mariana Brussoni November 4
There Would Be No Smoke If There Were No Fires Union of Concerned Scientists Sarah Henderson November 3
Catastrophic pharmacare is a catastrophe Troy Media Steve Morgan November 3
Even doctors and nurses don't always have healthy lifestyles Brainerd Dispatch Erica Frank November 2
A talk about ethics of personalized medicine The Daily Courier Michael Burgess October 30
Opioid overdoses linked to higher prescription rates in B.C. Ameri Publications Steve Morgan October 29
"Kiss Dawson Creek goodbye": an ex-fentanyl addict's warning Northeast News Jane Buxton October 29
Overprescription of opioids linked to overdose deaths in B.C. CBC News Steve Morgan October 28
Prescription rates linked to overdoses 24 Hours Steve Morgan October 28
Overprescribing painkilling drugs in Fraser Valley and South Okanagan leads to more deaths The Province Steve Morgan October 28
Overprescription of painkillers in parts of B.C. linked to higher rates of overdoses and death Metro News Steve Morgan October 28
Overprescription of painkillers linked to higher fatalities in parts of B.C., UBC study finds Vancouver Sun Steve Morgan October 28
Over-prescribed opioids linked to higher rates of overdose, study says Globe & Mail Steve Morgan October 28
Generation Squeeze Calls For Intergenerational Equality The Manitoban Paul Kershaw October 27
Dr. Gotay comments on processed and red meat recommendations from WHO CBC Radio Carolyn Gotay October 26
Can Mindfulness Improve School Grades Huffington Post Kimberly Schonert-Reichl October 26
Is a better deal for Generation Squeeze possible under Trudeau? News Optimist Paul Kershaw October 25
Generation Squeeze says increased spending on Alberta's seniors would impact youth CBC News Paul Kershaw October 23
Chilliwack, Abbotsford air quality up for discussion at public forum Chilliwack Times Michael Brauer & Sarah Henderson October 22
Docs, Nurses Don't Always Have Healthy Lifestyles Newsmax Erica Frank October 22
Vancouver Centre MP Hedy Fry lays out the Liberal plan for health care Georgia Straight Steve Morgan October 20
Pharmacare is for kids, too: Opinion Edmonton Journal Steve Morgan October 20
The 'millennial' disconnect: Why politicians' overtures to young adults often miss their targets Ottawa Citizen Paul Kershaw October 16
Antibiotic resistance could threaten surgery, chemo patients CBC News David Patrick October 16
Study: Political parties promise dollars for retirees, pennies for under 45s BC Business Paul Kershaw October 15
Young Canadians get 'pocket change' from federal parties compared to seniors: report Global News Paul Kershaw October 15
Women less likely than men to be taking post-heart attack medicines Gulf News Kate Smolina October 14
Study identifies gender gap in use of medications after heart attack Medical News Today Kate Smolina October 14
Party spending proposals benefit seniors more than under-45s: study CTV News Paul Kershaw October 14
Provinces vary widely on coverage of breast cancer treatments The Star Steve Morgan October 14
New study shows reduced injury rates for COR certified companies Journal of Commerce Chris McLeod October 13
Vancouver, a symbol of the problem of affordability in Canada's elections Chicago Tribune Paul Kershaw October 10
An 18-month parental leave needs to include dad Globe & Mail Paul Kershaw October 9
North Shore candidates promise health-care fixes North Shore News Steve Morgan October 9
Research supports medical marijuana as pain medication: HIV/AIDS doctors Vancouver Sun Stephanie Lake October 9
Are Dentists Overprescribing Antibiotics? HPC Live David Patrick October 8
Vancouver aboriginal street youth face higher incarceration rates, report says CBC News Brittany Barker October 7
Aboriginal street youth in Vancouver face higher rates of incarceration than non aboriginal peers: study Vancouver Sun Brittany Barker October 7
Daphne Bramham: Seniors' share squeezes federal spending Vancouver Sun Paul Kershaw October 6
Rich Chinese facing backlash in Vancouver - North America's costliest city Vancouver Sun Paul Kershaw October 6
Feds spend more on retirees than youth: study 24 Hours Paul Kershaw October 6
In North America's Costliest City, Rich Chinese Take the Blame Bloomberg Business Paul Kershaw October 6
Affordable medications for Canadians should be a priority in this federal election Policy Options Steve Morgan October 6
How the deck got stacked against young Canadians The Star Paul Kershaw October 6
For real-world ideas, take it to the street The Hamilton Spectator Paul Kershaw October 5
Fact Check: Where the parties stand on health care Troy Media Paul Kershaw October 4
Underfunding child care in Canada comes with a heavy toll GuelphMercury Paul Kershaw October 3
Be heard on national pharmacare Kelowna Daily Courier Steve Morgan September 30
National Pharmacare Policy Up For Discussion in Kelowna Kelowna Now Steve Morgan September 30
Youth vote in trouble, expert says North Shore News Paul Kershaw September 30
Children's summit nears Vernon Morning Star Paul Kershaw September 30
Gender attitudes to addictions treatment probed 24 Hours Kirsten Marchand September 29
Underfunding child care comes with a heavy toll News Optimist Kevin Milligan September 28
Experts raise alarm over high drug prices, could force new rules The Globe & Mail Steve Morgan September 27
Mohamed Fahmy to teach at University of British Columbia Metro News Mohamed Fahmy September 23
Invermere puts birth control on UBCM agenda Vancouver Courier Wendy Norman September 23
Drug price regulations need overhaul to protect consumers, experts say CBC News Steve Morgan September 23
Federal election issues: Young people struggling to find meaningful work MetroNews Paul Kershaw September 22
Program Eliminates Vertical HIV Transmission HCP Live Joel Singer September 21
Kids summit fit for Vernon The Morning Star Paul Kershaw September 18
Out with the old: electoral reform in Canada The Ubyssey Paul Kershaw September 17
University of British Columbia professor Paul Kershaw is keynote speaker at Generation Squeeze Community Forum The London Free Press Paul Kershaw September 16
Babies should stay with their moms in prison CBC News Ruth Martin, Collaborating Centre for Prison Health and Education September 16
B.C. should keep more babies with their moms in prison (video) CBC News Ruth Martin September 16
Babies taken from moms at Maple Ridge prison Maple Ridge News Ruth Martin September 15
Two newborn babies taken from B.C. inmates despite court ruling The Globe & Mail Ruth Martin September 14
Alone or with you, why kids should cycle to school Vancouver Courier Kay Teschke September 10
National drug plan sought for Canada Georgia Straight Steve Morgan September 9
At 50, SFU celebrates accomplishments of its grads Vancouver Sun Nadine Caron September 9
Interest in therapeutic use of psychedelic drugs on the rise, says research review Vancouver Sun Mark Haden September  8
Groups hope to make national pharmacare program an election issue CTV News The Pharmaceutical Policy Research Collaboration September 6
The germiest places in your home (and the right way to clean them) Yahoo! Karen Bartlett September 4
The benefits of risky play for kids Family Edge Mariana Brussoni September 3
The Benefits of Risky Play for Kids MomThink Mariana Brussoni September 3
B.C. tree-faller certification questioned 24 Hours Chris McLeod September 1
Dr. Gotay publishes research in the Lancet Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention Carolyn Gotay August 28
Which Party Has the Best Plan for Kids? The Tyee Paul Kershaw August 27
Birthing at home in Squamish The Squamish Chief Patricia Janssen August 27
Fentanyl doesn't discriminate, killing the homeless and young professionals Edmonton Journal Jane Buxton August 22
Home births save money, are safe, UBC study finds Health Canal Patricia Janssen August 22
Home births are safe and help save money Examiner Patricia Janssen August 21
Pitching to parents: What the main parties are promising families CTV News Paul Kershaw August 21
Home births can be as safe as hospital ones: Study Canada Patricia Janssen August 21
Giving birth at home is cheaper than at hospitals, study says, but is it safe? Washington Post Patricia Janssen August 21
BC study finds most home births safe (video) Yahoo! Patricia Janssen August 20
At-Home Birth Shown to be Safe and Cost Effective Gazette Review Patricia Janssen August 20
Home births save money, are safe, study finds Medical Xpress Patricia Janssen August 20
Home Birth Is Just As Safe As Going To The Hospital For Low-Risk Births, And It Saves Money Medical Daily Patricia Janssen August 20
UBC study shows home births with midwives are cheaper than hospital births Global News Patricia Janssen August 20
Having your baby at home is safe, can save health care system thousands: study News1130 Patricia Janssen August 20
Home Births Are Cheaper Than Hospital Births, Safe University Herald Patricia Janssen August 20
Bike Lane Battle (video) CBC's The National Kay Teschke August 19
Unhealthy Islanders cost $43M more a year than active B.C.ers Yahoo! News Hans Krueger August 18
Generation Squeeze seeks influence on government policies Vancouver Courier Paul Kershaw August 18
If everyone was as healthy as people in B.C., Canada would save billions Vancouver Sun Hans Krueger August 17
Increase in fentanyl-related deaths prompt calls for 'antidote' Globe & Mail Jane Buxton August 14
Red tape blocks B.C. health officials' proposals for dealing with fentanyl overdoses Georgia Straight Jane Buxton August 12
Fentanyl deaths are a Canada-wide 'disaster' Press Examiner Jane Buxton August 12
Fentanyl rise in B.C. linked to opioid clampdown, say health officials CBC News Jane Buxton August 11
Increase of Fentanyl-Related Deaths by Seven-times; Canadian Center for Substance Abuse CJFW Jane Buxton August 11
Fentanyl related deaths on the rise in B.C. CJDC Jane Buxton August 11
'Prohibition attitude' aggravating drug-related problems at music festivals: researcher Metro News Warren Michelow August 10
Naloxone, fentanyl antidote, available in take-home kit that's saved hundreds of lives CBC News Jane Buxton August 10
Fentanyl antidote take-home kit can save lives News1130 Jane Buxton August 10
Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs' annual conference took place last weekend at Geneva Park Orillia Packet and Times Paul Kershaw August 10
Lethal fentanyl profiting gangs in Western Canada while deaths climb CTV News Jane Buxton August 6
Risky play is good for child development Mariana Brussoni August 5
B.C.'s top doctors place fentanyl deaths in the context of prohibition Georgia Straight Jane Buxton August 5
B.C. overdose highlights small number of recreational fentanyl users who seek out the powerful drug Globe & Mail Jane Buxton August 5
Illicit fentanyl: An emerging threat to people who use drugs in BC BCMJ Jane Buxton, Geoff McKee, & Ashraf Amlani August 5
Jack Bodie, teen who died from suspected fentanyl overdose, 'had a bright future' CBC News Jane Buxton August 4
Wildfire Smoke Will Kill More And More Americans As Climate Change Intensifies BuzzFeed News Sarah Henderson August 3
Fentanyl suspected in overdose of two Vancouver teens CBC News Jane Buxton August 2
The Best Protein You Can Eat US News & World Report Rajavel Elango July 31
The high-stakes battle of medications, insurers and the government Globe & Mail Steve Morgan July 31
Fentanyl a growing danger to all drug users, health agency says CBC News Jane Buxton July 31
National Pharmacare idea worth a close look The Star Phoenix Steve Morgan July 31
As Vancouver's summer swings into gear, how much noise is too much? The Province Hugh Davies July 25
Okanagan residents learn to live with threat of fire Toronto Star Chris Carlsten July 24
80 People Die In Delhi Everyday Due To Air Pollution, Says Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar Huffington Post Michael Brauer July 23
Bumps & bruises: Letting kids take risks Squamish Chief Mariana Brussoni July 23
HIV transmission from mother to child nearly eliminated in Canada CBC News Joel Singer July 22
Mother-to-child HIV transmission almost eliminated in Canada CTV News Joel Singer July 22
Groundbreaking BC research into HIV-AIDS (video) Global News Angeli Rawat July 21
Lyme disease advocates sound alarm on B.C. tests but medical experts disagree Vancouver Sun David Patrick July 21
Canada's high vaccination rates still need improvement, study finds Globe & Mail Monika Naus July 21
What germs are lurking in your reusable bags? CTV News Karen Bartlett July 21
B.C. patient questions accuracy of Lyme disease test used by province Globe and Mail David Patrick July 21
Canada can't afford complacency on air pollution: CMAJ editorial CBC News Michael Brauer July 20
Erectile dysfunction can be early warning sign for diabetes, study concludes Vancouver Sun Sean Skeldon July 20
Particle pollutants spike after fireworks shows Vancouver Sun Michael Brauer July 20
Canada needs a national pharmacare plan: Editorial Toronto Star Pharmaceutical Policy Research Collaboration July 19
A dust-up over dust The Economist Michael Brauer July 16
A better way to diagnose HIV CIHR Michael Rekart & Mark Gilbert July 16
National pharmacare has large support across Canada, poll says Globe & Mail Steve Morgan July 15
Rona Ambrose urges provinces to let feds into pharmaceutical alliance CBC News Steve Morgan July 15
Canadians Being Ripped Off On Prescription Drugs, Says Ambrose Huffington Post Steve Morgan July 15
Could ecstasy be a potential treatment for PTSD? Maclean's Mark Haden July 13
The Olympics Measles Outbreak Was Traced Back to Two People Motherboard Jennifer Gardy July 10
Smoked out in Squamish The Squamish Chief Sarah Henderson July 9
Disease detectives look for clues from 2010 B.C. measles outbreak Edmonton Journal Jennifer Gardy July 9
Should I Eat Burgers? Time Erika Frank July 9
Senior men eat fewer fruit and vegetables, UBC study finds Vancouver Sun Emily Rugel July 8
Olympic legacy: Researchers trace 2010 measles outbreak to two visitors to B.C. Metro News Jennifer Gardy July 8
Measles virus tracked through genomic testing finds one overseas visitor caused 61 B.C. cases Vancouver Sun Jennifer Gardy July 8
Thousands evacuate as wildfires burn in west Canada iFreePress Michael Brauer July 7
Are Surgical Masks Needed In Poor Air Quality? (video) City Breakfast Television Sarah Henderson July 7
2010 measles outbreak linked to Vancouver Olympics 24 News Jennifer Gardy July 7
UBC team tracks measles cases introduced to B.C. during the 2010 Games Health Canal Jennifer Gardy July 7
Whistler, B.C. issues air-quality warning due to wildfire smoke Globe and Mail Michael Brauer July 7
2010 measles outbreak in B.C. traced to single visitor from China MSN Jennifer Gardy July 7
Thick haze from wildfires chokes southern B.C. Metro News Chris Carlsten July 6
Residents cautioned due to high air quality index in Vancouver, Sunshine Coast Global News Michael Brauer July 6
Metro Vancouver air quality comparable to Beijing CBC News Michael Brauer July 6
Air quality advisory continues in Metro Vancouver Metro News Michael Brauer July 6
Smoke from wildfires prompts air quality warning for Metro Vancouver The Province Sarah Henderson July 6
Metro Vancouver voters reject new transit tax; Vancouver and Surrey may still go it alone Vancouver Sun Larry Frank July 4
Relax! 'Risky' Play May Benefit Kids Parenting Mariana Brussoni July 3
No means Yes in Surrey: Mayor Hepner says LRT still on track despite transit tax rejection The Province Larry Frank July 2
Ottawa reverses stand on health risks of asbestos in 'landmark shift' Globe and Mail Trevor Dummer July 1
Edgy Metro Vancouver playgrounds attract kids from far and wide Vancouver Sun Mariana Brussoni June 28
Fire safety a priority this weekend, as temperatures remain high across BC Global News Sarah Henderson June 26
School's out for the summer: It's time to loosen the leash on your kids, say experts Yahoo! Mariana Brussoni June 26
Wine Match | Vij's Family Chicken Curry Vancouver Sun Carolyn Gotay June 26
B.C. heat wave: Why heat is more dangerous for seniors CBC News Sarah Henderson June 25
Alternative Lab Tests May Not Reliably Diagnose Lyme Disease MedScape David Patrick June 25
The real cost of the world's most expensive drug (video) CBC News Michael Law June 24
The Health Benefits for Kids Who Engage in 'Thrilling, Risky' Activities Yahoo! Mariana Brussoni June 24
Trevor Hancock: We are too risk-averse for our own good Times Colonist Mariana Brussoni June 24
A Foot in the Door: Millennial Families Priced Out of Cities The Tyee Paul Kershaw June 23
Roughhousing and Climbing Trees: Some Risks May Be Good for Kids Live Science Mariana Brussoni June 23
Playing, with fire: How much risk should we expose our kids to? Macleans Mariana Brussoni June 21
Vancouver residents blame foreign buyers for housing prices: survey Globe and Mail Paul Kershaw June 18
Millennials not as selfish as some people think CBC News Paul Kershaw June 17
Foul air killing up to 80 Delhiites a day, claims study The Times of India Michael Brauer June 17
National Health Leadership Conference: Lessons in slashing health spending iPolitics Craig Mitton June 16
Meeting Global Air Quality Guidelines Could Prevent 2.1 Million Deaths Per Year UT News Michael Brauer June 16
Kids Need Less Supervision and More Risks for Outdoor Play Kamloops BC Now Mariana Brussoni June 14
Lyme Disease Symptoms And Other Facts About Ticks Huffington Post David Patrick June 12
Risky outdoor play good for kid's health Times of India Mariana Brussoni June 12
Calls for action mount over Vancouver's surging housing prices Xinhua Paul Kershaw June 12
Children thrive on risky play: Activities including climbing trees and rough and tumble games help improve their creativity, behavior and resilience Daily Mail Mariana Brussoni June 12
Science to Parents: Let Your Kids Run a Little Wild The Atlantic Mariana Brussoni June 11
Closing Vancouver schools harms children, communities, say parents CBC News Farrah Shroff June 10
Dear parents: Your kids would be better off if you'd just chill out Business Insider Mariana Brussoni June 10
Risky outdoor play positively impacts children's health, says study Medical Xpress Mariana Brussoni June 10
Why Canadian kids need more outdoor play Global News Mariana Brussoni June 9
Danger versus risk: are you a helicopter parent? The Star Mariana Brussoni June 9
Children's risky outdoor play (24:16) CBC News Mariana Brussoni June 9
Promoting healthy, risky outdoor activities for children BC Medical Journal Mariana Brussoni June 9
Risky outdoor play is good for children: UBC study Vancity Buzz Mariana Brussoni June 9
Risky play can be good for kids: UBC study News1130 Mariana Brussoni June 9
Kids not getting exercise (video) CTV News Mariana Brussoni June 9
Car Fumes Linked to Food, Pet Allergies in Kids Allergic Living Michael Brauer June 9
Close the door, leave us alone, we want rules: Vancouver public hearings on marijuana dispensaries will have it all The Province Mark Haden June 9
Scientists push to renew psychedelic drug research for psychiatry CBC Radio Mark Haden June 8
Workshop examines men's health issues The Prince George Citizen Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention June 8
Scorching Vancouver house prices put pressure on politicians Globe and Mail Paul Kershaw June 7
Health experts in P.G. to talk to men The Prince George Citizen Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention June 5
GenSqueeze new, indebted demographic, analyst says Winnipeg Free Press Paul Kershaw June 4
Vancouver's million-dollar homes symbol of growing inequality Vancouver Courier Paul Kershaw June 3
$2 Million to Help Grow Number of Aboriginal Doctors Kelowna Now Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health June 2
Cycling safety: Too often, bikes still ignored on Canadian roads CBC Kay Teschke June 1
UBC receives two $1-million donations to fund indigenous health studies Georgia Straight Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health June 1
Quelling the bashing of seniors North Shore News Paul Kershaw May 31
Rise in Prescription Drug Spending in Canada Last Year West Texas News Michael Law May 29
Don Cayo: Opening CPP is fine, but it won't help the most vulnerable avoid poverty in old age Vancouver Sun Paul Kershaw May 29
Short-Sighted Politicians Are Fuelling Canada's Housing Crisis Huffington Post Paul Kershaw May 29
Increase in drug spending hits 40 year low but expected to rebound soon: report Vancouver Sun Michael Law May 28
The Global Burden of Cancer 2013 JAMA Oncology Carolyn Gotay May 28
Prescription-drug spending holds steady, but dollars spent on biologics escalating quickly: report Globe and Mail Steve Morgan May 28
Vancouver Coastal Health reviews methadone and alternative treatments for heroin addiction Georgia Straight Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes May 27
The most dangerous cities to cycle in Canada Yahoo News Kay Teschke May 27
More emphasis on prevention (video) CTV News Carolyn Gotay May 27
Put down that drink, take a walk to help prevent cancer, experts say Vancouver Sun Carolyn Gotay May 27
Cancer rates and cancer prevention (1:25:37) CBC Carolyn Gotay May 26
New tool for measuring silica exposure in the works Canadian Occupational Safety Hugh Davies May 26
Steve Morgan: Lack of a national drug plan is costing us a fortune The Province Steve Morgan May 25
Forum shares creative ways to cut health care costs Vancouver Sun Paul Kershaw May 25
Guest Column: On a national drug plan The Province Steve Morgan May 25
#donthave1million rally draws hundreds to downtown Vancouver Vancouver Sun Paul Kershaw May 25
Canada's $500-million drug problem Troy Media Steve Morgan May 22
Affordable Housing Rally to protest Vancouver home prices VanCity Buzz Paul Kershaw May 21
May 24 rally for the middle class set to send #DontHave1Million message to Victoria Georgia Straight Paul Kershaw May 20
The other drug problem in Canada's cities National Newswatch Steve Morgan May 19
Enviro-tracker lets you collect data on air quality, temperature and humidity Globe and Mail Michael Brauer May 18
Two famous Vancouver chefs help cancer survivors eat nutritious meals Global News SPPH May 16
B.C. premier, PM reject calls to restrict foreign housing investors CTV News Paul Kershaw May 14
Canadians 'tap' debt more often as cash payments fall sharply Global News Paul Kershaw May 14
FDA health advisories linked to lower rates of codeine among postpartum mothers Healio Kate Smolina May 14
Alberta NDP draws young votes, but spends on retirees Troy Media Paul Kershaw May 12
Study Shows Residential School Sex Abuse Has Generational Impact Vice The Cedar Project May 12
Conference aims to improve gay men's health care in BC Interior Daily Xtra Trevor Corneil May 11
Local woman joins provincial 'HELP' organization - provides voice for children The Boundary Sentinel HELP May 11
Tired of allergies? Blame it on exposure to pollution as child Hindustan Times Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 11
Vancouver pleads with residents to OK PST hike for transit upgrades CBC News Lawrence Frank May 11
How the 3 main parties compare in their support for families Troy Media Paul Kershaw May 11
The debt 'crisis' in Canada? If your paycheque is $100,000 plus, that means you Financial Post Paul Kershaw May 8
Particulate matter is related to allergy development in children CBC News Michael Brauer May 7
Are 20-somethings surviving or thriving? CBC The National Paul Kershaw May 5
Childhood allergies linked to air pollution CTV Vancouver Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 5
UBC Study Links Pollution to Allergies Breakfast Television Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 5
Scent sensitivities CBC Radio Karen Bartlett May 5
Air pollution 'increases allergy risks' in babies Telegraph Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 5
Air pollution puts kids at allergy risk Times of India Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 5
Babies Exposed To Air Pollution At Increased Risk of Allergies Science World Report Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 5
Selinger's financial plan a blow to young people Winnipeg Free Press Paul Kershaw May 5
Air Pollution Can Put Your Baby at Risk of Developing Allergies NDTV Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 5
WATCH: Vancouver tops in child allergies Global News Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 4
Vancouver worst for kids developing allergies 24 Hours Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 4
Infant Allergies Linked To Air Pollution By New Canadian Study Huffington Post Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 4
Air pollution increases child's chance of developing allergies: UBC study CKNW AM Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 4
Allergy symptoms especially common among kids in Vancouver: study News1130 Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 4
Intense physical exercise can lower lymphoma risk Vancouver Desi Terry Boyle May 4
Manitoba budget further shifts burden on the young Troy Media Paul Kershaw May 4
Babies exposed to pollution at greater risk for allergies: Study Toronto Sun Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 4
Infant allergies linked to air pollution by new Canadian study CBC News Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 4
Les enfants vancouvérois sont les plus allergiques au pays Radio-Canada Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 4
Vancouver worst in Canada for children with allergies Vancity Buzz Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 4
Canada urged to lobby to have asbestos added to UN hazardous list Globe and Mail Trevor Dummer May 4
Vancouver tops four Canadian cities for child allergies, UBC study finds Vancouver Sun Michael Brauer, Hind Sbihi, & Stuart Turvey May 4
Infant Allergies (segment at 6:00) CBC News (TV) Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 4
Children in Vancouver Are More Likely to Have Allergies Kelowna Now Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 4
Vancouver tops four Canadian cities for child allergies, UBC study finds Times Colonist Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 4
Air pollution increases child's chance of developing allergies: UBC study AM730 Michael Brauer & Hind Sbihi May 4
Power of play explored North Shore News Mariana Brussoni May 3
Raising a Stink: Why more of us in Metro Vancouver are complaining about bad smells The Province Karen Bartlett May 3
Coquitlam school district failed to accommodate scent allergy, teacher claims Vancouver Sun Karen Bartlett May 2
Lifetime intense physical activity may lower risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma Medical Xpress Terry Boyle May 1
Fraser Health says doctors should look out for gypsy moth spray symptoms News1130 Karen Bartlett April 30
Medications too expensive: Vancouver mom 24 Hours Steve Morgan April 30
Two hospitalized as spraying continues in Surrey and Delta against gypsy moths The Province Karen Bartlett April 29
Nepal earthquake a reminder B.C. schools still waiting for seismic upgrades Georgia Straight Farah Shroff April 29
Prevention key to reducing risk Powell River Peak Carolyn Gotay April 29
Study finds transportation preferences correlated with health habits The Province Jat Sandhu April 29
Wynne government most likely to work for all generations Ottawa Star Paul Kershaw April 26
Ambulances are getting to life-threatening calls a bit faster Vancouver Sun Craig Mitton April 25
Ottawa warns against plan to regulate Vancouver pot dispensaries Globe and Mail Mark Haden April 23
Growing generational divisions are a worrying millennial shift Globe and Mail Paul Kershaw April 23
Vancouver's housing costs won't be solve just by desperate tweets CBC News Paul Kershaw April 22
Asthma study says traffic can be a trigger Georgia Straight Michael Brauer April 22
Burnaby mayor sees Yes win in transit referendum Surrey Leader Kay Teschke April 21
Paul Kershaw: Federal budget 2015: another blow to generational equity The Province Paul Kershaw April 21
Want affordable housing Vancouver? Turn those hashtags into votes MetroNews Paul Kershaw April 20
Pharmacare is good for Canadian business Beacon News Steve Morgan April 19
Prof. calls for separated bike lanes in Saskatoon to encourage cycling CBC News Kay Teschke April 18
Will your grill kill you? Vancouver Sun John Spinelli & Carolyn Gotay April 16
Rick Hansen's daughter draws support after sharing story of son's stillbirth Globe and Mail K.S. Joseph April 16
Morgan & Martin: Pharmacare: It's good for business National Post Steve Morgan April 15
Young people need a targeted political lobby, UBC researchers say Vancouver Sun Paul Kershaw April 15
Don't Have $1 Million In Vancouver? You're Not Alone Huffington Post Paul Kershaw April 15
Addiction expert: Prescribing heroin to addicts could be cheaper than methadone ITV Martin Schechter April 15
Heroin-assisted therapy 'better for some drug users than standard treatments' Medical News Today Martin Schechter April 15
Prescribing heroin to addicts could be cheaper and more effective than methadone, say expert The Independent Martin Schechter April 15
Prescribe heroin to addicts who can't kick habit using detox, methadone: expert Vancouver Sun Martin Schechter April 15
Generation Squeeze Deserves More Government Attention, Says UBC Study Huffington Post Paul Kershaw April 14
Prescribe heroin to addicts who can't kick habit using detox, methadone: UBC doctor CTV News Martin Schechter April 14
Middle class experience financial squeeze? Global News Paul Kershaw April 14
Canadian physicians group blames coal power for Edmonton's poor air quality CBC News Michael Brauer April 14
Study exposes trends in violence, sex abuse Prince George Citizen The Cedar Project April 14
Benefits of heroin treatment for drug users Medical X Press Martin Schechter April 14
Medical marijuana dispensaries lull teens, parents into thinking it's harmless, say experts Vancouver Sun Siavash Jafari April 13
The shocking legacy of residential schools CBC News The Cedar Project April 11
Missing, murdered aboriginal women crisis demands a look at root causes CBC News The Cedar Project April 10
Study finds family history of sexual abuse heightens risks Vancouver Sun The Cedar Project April 10
Study shows link between continued abuse of aboriginal women, residential schools Globe and Mail The Cedar Project April 10
The lingering effects of the residential school system, a generation later the risk for abuse is still heightened 660News The Cedar Project April 10
Generation Squeeze: Who are the transit villains? Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Times Paul Kershaw April 8
"Generation Squeeze" may not vote in transportation tax plebiscite: Professor News1130 Paul Kershaw April 7
Passionate millennials just won't vote Vancouver Courier Paul Kershaw April 7
Chuck Chiang: UBC academics debate popular Chinese environmental documentary Vancouver Sun Michael Brauer April 5
Not enough doctors: Long wait for a family physician continues for tens of thousands of British Columbians The Province Jason Sutherland April 5
New Brunswick premier ignores his own age cohort Troy Media Paul Kershaw April 3
New silica tool looking for dust up in the workplace Journal of Commerce Hugh Davies April 3
Saying no to B.C. transit growth is a vote against young Canadians Globe and Mail Paul Kershaw April 2
Why You Should Stop Watching Medical Dramas on TV News Activist Anita Ho April 2
Tame playgrounds aren't moving children, expert says Vancouver Sun Mariana Brussoni April 1
Squeezing Alberta's youth Winnipeg Free Press Paul Kershaw March 28
Feeling Extra Meh Lately? Apparently, Smog and Pollution Could Be to Blame Glamour Michael Brauer March 27
Killing us softly IRIN Global Michael Brauer March 27
Studies Suggest Significant Association Between Air Pollution and Anxiety, Stroke Risk International Business Times Michael Brauer March 27
There is a Direct Link Between Anxiety Disorder and Air Pollution, Study Reporter Advocate Michael Brauer March 27
Smog should be considered a global health concern: UBC researcher Metro News Michael Brauer March 26
Younger generations get short shrift in Sask. budget Star Phoenix Paul Kershaw March 26
Vancouver ownership dream a nightmare: report 24 Hours Paul Kershaw March 25
Could Smoggy Air Raise Your Anxiety Level? Health Day Michael Brauer March 25
Men's Health Works gets proactive on men's wellness issues Georgia Straight Carolyn Gotay March 25
Welcome to Vancouver's future: Variable road pricing Globe and Mail Lawrence Frank March 25
Two teenagers on a school trip come back to Vancouver with the measles News1130 Monika Naus March 24
Air Pollution, a Slow and Silent Killer NDTV Michael Brauer March 23
Kershaw: Budget favours older age groups Leader Post Paul Kershaw March 23
Pets and antibiotics CBC News David Patrick March 20
Real-time air data okay, with rider Economic Times Michael Brauer March 20
National drug plan could save billions, research says Global News Steve Morgan March 19
Saskatchewan budget doesn't work for all generation News-Optimist Paul Kershaw March 19
Transit Referendum; How to Vote BC Greencare Patty Daly March 19
David Suzuki: Transit funding will drive Canadian cities into the future Georgia Straight Lawrence Frank March 17
FDA Proposal Spurs Fight Over Free Speech and Patient Safety Wall Street Journal Barbara Mintzes March 16
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Arthritis Research Canada Nick Bansback March 16
Canada could save $7B by covering prescriptions under our universal health care: UBC study News1130 Steve Morgan March 16
National Pharmacare Program Could Save $7.3 Billion: CMAJ Study Huffington Post Steve Morgan March 16
National pharmacare program could save $7.3 billion: study The Star Steve Morgan March 16
Prescription drugs coverage would save Canada billions: UBC research Metro News Steve Morgan March 16
Universal drug plan would save billions, UBC researchers say CBC News Steve Morgan March 16
Foul Delhi air may be driving people to suicide The Times of India Michael Brauer March 12
First Nations woman claims spruce gum cured cancer CBC News Farah Shroff March 10
One-third of us don't want to hear bad news from genetic testing - B.C. study Vancouver Sun Dean Regier March 9
B.C arena cancels hockey after players refuse to stop spitting Metro News David Patrick March 9
Canadians' preferences for receiving incidental findings from genetic testing Medical Press Dean Regier March 9
Building transit can save health care dollars, say researchers Vancouver Sun Lawrence Frank March 9
Chemical fire at Port Metro Vancouver extinguished Global News Karen Bartlett March 5
What is Trichloroisocyanuric acid? Global News Karen Bartlett March 4
Air pollution expert describes potential exposure concerns from Port of Vancouver fire Global News Karen Bartlett March 4
Port Metro Vancouver fire: What you need to know CBC News Karen Bartlett March 4
Despite what anti-vaxxers say holistic meets western medicine Metro News Farah Shroff March 3
Introducing March Guest Blogger Dr. Stuart Peacock BC Cancer Foundation Stuart Peacock March 2
Vancouver Mayors' Council study says Yes vote will save money Globe and Mail Lawrence Frank March 1
Pregnant women in the north to get prenatal info by text Peter Wall Institute Patricia Janssen March 1
4 ways to make pharmacare work for Canadians Troy Media Steve Morgan March 1
'New Deal' needed for young Canadians facing variety of economic pressures The Hill Times Paul Kershaw February 27
Take it outside! Conference focuses on outdoor play Mariana Brussoni February 26
Ontario to fund $700,000-a-year drug for rare, life-threatening illness Globe and Mail Michael Law February 25
Artificial turf raises concerns in young athletes Georgia Straight Hugh Davies February 24
Becoming a Health Advocate: An Interview with Erica Frank, MD, MPH, UBC Professor and Canada Research Chair in Preventive Medicine and Population Health UBC Medical Journal Erica Frank February 24
Four things needed to make pharmacare work for Canadians Net NewsLedger Steve Morgan February 24
Will The "Female Viagra" Ever Get It Up? BuzzFeed News Barbara Mintzes February 23
Surrey series tackles drug 'lies' 24 Hours Mark Haden February 23
How pollution is affecting your heart Canadian Living Michael Brauer February 23
Mouldy Surrey rental suite blamed for Ismail Abdirahman's illness, inability to work CBC News Karen Bartlett February 20
The Fight To Get 'Female Viagra' On The Market Huffington Post Barbara Mintzes February 19
Vancouver doctor feels he 'made a difference' in Ebola zone Vancouver Sun Michael Rekart February 17
Alberta's unlikely to hit long-term targets for child vaccination rates Metro News Monika Naus February 16
It's time to help young Canadians bear the burden of higher costs Globe and Mail Paul Kershaw February 15
Paul Kershaw: Is it fair that retirees get three times more from government? The Province Paul Kershaw February 12
Should measles vaccination be mandatory? Global News Monika Naus February 11
Canada spends 3 times more on seniors: study Metro News Paul Kershaw February 10
Governments putting the squeeze on Generation Squeeze Troy Media Paul Kershaw February 10
Naloxone, Overdose-Reversal Drug, Gives Life Back to B.C. Addicts Huffington Post Jane Buxton February 10
Misinformation, busy schedules contribute to B.C.'s inadequate vaccination rate, officials say The Province Monika Naus February 10
Public health struggles to find ways to stem concerns of vaccine refusers CTV News Monika Naus February 9
Canada Wants Alexion to Repay Sales Generated by 'Excessive Pricing' The Wall Street Journal Michael Law February 6
Cancer is not a game of roulette SPPH Carolyn Gotay February 5
World's most expensive drug - which costs up to $700,000 per year - too expensive, Canada says National Post Steve Morgan February 3
Why Canadians Need Better Nutrition Labels On Their Food Huffington Post John Millar January 30
Public health officials consider provincewide overdoes prevention program Calgary Herald Jane Buxton January 30
Another Round with Kay Teschke: Making the Transit and Health Connection Price Tags Kay Teschke January 27
B.C. warns vacationers of measles outbreak at Disneyland Globe and Mail Monika Naus January 26
How Health Canada Failed to Uphold Its Own Pharmaceutical Ad Standards   Huffington Post Barbara Mintzes January 26
Opinion: Better food labels would allow Canadians to make healthier choices  Montreal Gazette John Millar January 23
UBC professor warns of increased health problems in transit referendum fails News1130 Kay Teschke January 21 A citizen tool for safer cycling and venting road rage Saanich News Kay Teschke January 20
B.C. overdose prevention program may see purview expanded Globe and Mail Jane Buxton January 19
Why so much secrecy when it comes to drug approval, Health Canada? Globe and Mail Barbara Mintzes January 18
All that sizzles is gold, says UBC prof  Richmond News Richard Mathias January 16
Wanted: a better deal for young Canadians St. Albert Gazette Paul Kershaw January 14
Pharmacology professor speaks out on the dangers of deceitful drug advertisements The Ubyssey Barbara Mintzes January 14
Quit-smoking drug suspected in 30 suicides in Canada Vancouver Sun Barbara Mintzes January 10
Tobogganing bans CBC Radio Mariana Brussoni January 7
Tobogganing: winter sport or illegal activity? CBC Radio Mariana Brussoni January 7
Canadian drug ads misleading: UBC Prof 24 Hours Barbara Mintzes January 6
Fentanyl-related deaths rise: B.C. CDC 24 Hours Jane Buxton January 5
Opinion: Health Canada fails to enforce its own rules on pharmaceutical advertising Montreal Gazette Barbara Mintzes January 4

Headline Source Researcher Date
Immune to controversy Peninsula News Monika Naus December 30
Forget Coming Home for the Holidays: These 7 Foreign Aid Workers Are Too Busy Saving the World takepart Michael L Rekart December 25
Big Pharma in the bedroom: Are drugs that enhance sex a good thing? Raw Story Barbara Mintzes December 24
Training the next generation of indigenous health-care staff in B.C. Globe and Mail Nadine Caron December 22
Is Pink Viagra A Solution In Search Of A Problem? Design n Trend Barbara Mintzes December 22
Global life expectancy has extended by six years Global BC Carolyn Gotay December 19
UBC president Arvind Gupta urges alumni to embrace Band Aid Challenge to fight Ebola virus Georgia Straight Srin Murthy, Mike Rekart December 18
Can Cuba Escape Poverty but Stay Healthy? New York Times Jerry Spiegel December 18
Professor leads campaign to improve the lives of ‘Generation Squeeze’ University Affairs Paul Kershaw December 16
Prevention is the cure for half our health system’s cancer fights Business in Vancouver Carolyn Gotay December 16
How Sharing Your Health Data Can Help Others US News & World Report Francisco Grajales (PhD Candidate) December 11
Vancouver transit referendum (starts at 1.40.43) CBC Radio - On the Coast Larry Frank December 11
Metro Vancouver mayors approve transit referendum question seeking PST hike Georgia Straight Larry Frank December 11
Prescription drug ad law notable for 'lack of teeth' CBC News Barbara Mintzes December 10
Why an income-based drug plan is harmful to Ontario seniors Troy Media Steve Morgan December 10
Health Canada fails to properly regulate drug ads: 10-year study (updated) Vancouver Sun Barbara Mintzes December 9
Generation Squeeze not Generation Screwed Terry Project Paul Kershaw December 6
Motorcycle injuries among older male riders doubled in the past decade: study CTV News Mariana Brussoni December 6
Digital tool to help protect workers from silica dust Journal of Commerce Hugh Davies December 4
Two new reports call for national prescription drug plan Globe and Mail Steve Morgan December 4
B.C.’s income-based approach to pharma coverage should be scrapped, study suggests Vancouver Sun Steve Morgan December 4
Seniors struggle with drug costs in B.C. The Province Steve Morgan December 3
Two new reports call for national prescription drug plan 24 Steve Morgan December 3
High-achievers not hurt by strike 24 Hours Vancouver Farah Shroff December 3
Provinces should provide full and universal pharmacare: Report Benefits Canada Steve Morgan December 3
B.C.’s income-based approach to pharma coverage should be scrapped, study suggests Vancouver Sun Steve Morgan December 4
Public drug plans for seniors need overhauling, public policy reports say Vancouver Sun Steve Morgan December 3
Kiddie gates, rules help prevent falls off furniture Reuters Mariana Brussoni December 1
Vancouver doctor flies into heart of Ebola crisis Vancouver Sun Michael Rekart November 29
Stress epidemic takes a toll on Canada’s business leaders
Vancouver Sun Hans Krueger November 26
Are playgrounds engineered for safety doing more harm than good? The Wall Papers Mariana Brussoni November 2014
Vancouver addicts soon to receive prescription heroin Globe and Mail SALOME November 22
Multi-million dollar race to find a pink Viagra Sydney Morning Herald Barbara Mintzes November 22
Mother-baby bonding CBC News Farah Shroff November 19
Antibiotic resistance poses 'alarming' health threat in Europe CBC National News David Patrick November 17
Silica in Construction: what can you do to protect workers? Journal of Commerce Hugh Davies November 17
B.C. women waiting longer to have babies Global News K.S. Joseph November 14
B.C. women waiting longer to have kids 24 Hours K.S. Joseph November 13
Proposed cancer prevention centre may target our poor diet, sedentary lifestyle Vancouver Sun Carolyn Gotay November 12
Lyme law uses junk science says expert CMAJ David Patrick November 11
With winter approaching, time to think about how not to fall CTV News Vicky Scott November 11
Comment: Harper’s tax plan: Right goals, wrong policies Times Colonist Paul Kershaw November 7
Comment: Life-saving meds not reaching users 24 Hours Jane Buxton November 6
When to throw out common household items The Social Jennifer Gardy November 5
Canadian patients struggle to finance cancer treatment Global News Steve Morgan November 5
Paul Kershaw: Conservatives' family tax plan has serious flaws The Province Paul Kershaw November 3
Harper’s family tax plan real money, right goals but wrong policies Troy Media Paul Kershaw October 31
Canadian provinces take first steps towards lower drug prices Steve Morgan October 30
Climate change brings Lyme disease to Canada Georgia Straight David Patrick October 29
HEI Launches New International Project Health Effects Institute Update Michael Brauer Fall 2014
How the corporate lifestyle is killing men in B.C. Business in Vancouver Hans Krueger (Adjunct faculty member) October 24
Artificial turf raising real concerns Richmond Review Michael Brauer October 24
Adding counterflow lanes to Vancouver streets could ease congestion: LaPointe Business in Vancouver Larry Frank October 21
B.C. schools focus on educating hearts Vancouver Sun HELP October 19
The Dalai Lama Center aims to give communities the tools to educate the hearts of the next generation Vancouver Sun HELP October 18
Mulcair’s NDP speaks honestly about child care Waterloo Record Paul Kershaw October 17
Flood of drug overdoses in Vancouver underscores need for greater outreach Globe and Mail Jane Buxton October 16
Vancouver rat infestation raises health concerns Georgia Straight Chelsea Himsworth, Vancouver Rat Project October 15
B.C. physicians aim to improve tuberculosis testing for immigrants Georgia Straight Jennifer Gardy October 15
Rising injuries among older male motorcyclists: study Reuters Mariana Brussoni October 14
Rats and Their Alarming Bugs New York Times David Patrick October 14
Supporters insist Seattle's new bike share program not an accident in the making Kay Teschke October 13
A third of breast cancers can be prevented, new research says Globe and Mail Carolyn Gotay October 12
Take Home Naxolone (starts at 0.51.16) CBC Early Edition Jane Buxton October 10
University of Victoria geographer helps track cycling hazards Times Colonist Kay Teschke October 8
Drug plan may impose financial burdens on low-income earners CBC News Steve Morgan October 8
Ransford: Walkable neighbourhoods high on Metro’s wish list Vancouver Sun Health and Community Design Lab October 6
Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer diagnosed in Canadian women News 1130 Carolyn Gotay October 5
More needs to be done to protect older men from motorcycle injuries: UBC Professor News 1130 Mariana Brussoni October 5
Hospitalization rates double for older male motorcyclists Medical Xpress Mariana Brussoni October 3
Commentary: Task force on aging should focus on Generation Squeeze Time Colonist Paul Kershaw October 3
Make Canada work for all generations Kelowna Daily Courier Paul Kershaw October 3
Hospitalization rates double for older male motorcyclists: B.C. study Metro News Mariana Brussoni October 2
A 2-step solution to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for Canadians Troy Media Steve Morgan October 2
Are millennials struggling these days or do they need to stop complaining CKOM John Gormley Live Paul Kershaw October 2
Canada must move beyond words on Ebola response Guelph Mercury Nicole Marwick (MPH candidate) October 2
Ebola in US. Should We be Concerned? CKNW Simi Sara Show Jennifer Gardy October 1
Aging population is a root cause of many inequalities, but not all Paul Kershaw October 1
Lack of Affordable Walkable Neighbourhoods Damaging Health: UBC Larry Frank September 30
We want to walk: Report finds strong preference for walkable neighbourhoods Vancouver Sun Larry Frank September 30
Premiers' Task Force on Aging needs to focus on Generation Squeeze Troy Media Paul Kershaw September 30
Provinces should pressure Ottawa on pharmacare Toronto Star Steve Morgan September 29
Welcome to Toronto’s Death Race 2014 Globe and Mail Larry Frank September 29
Stop pretending seniors are financial victims and help the twentysomethings Globe and Mail Paul Kershaw September 24
Green neighbourhoods lead to higher birth weights: study UBC Reports Michael Brauer September 24
Hundreds of Thousands Converge on New York to Demand Climate-Change Action Erica Frank September 21
Ball gowns blend art and science North Shore News Carolyn Gotay September 19
Rat problem grows at East Vancouver community garden CBC News Chelsea Himsworth September 15
Vancouver's Drug Prevention 'Pillar': How Strong Does It Stand? The Tyee Christopher Richardson September 12
City life’s a rat race in Vancouver — and the rats may be winning (with video) The Province Chelsea Himsworth September 9
Greener neighbourhoods produce bigger babies Vancouver Sun Michael Brauer September 7
Birth weight impacted by greenspace: UBC study News 1130 Michael Brauer September 7
Researchers develop online tool to support Joint Health and Safety Committees WorkSafeBC Annalee Yassi September
Seniors and the generation spending gap Macleans Paul Kershaw September 6
How Vancouver Designs Intersections With Bike Lanes to Minimize Conflicts Streetsblog USA Kay Teschke September 5
More green space means bigger babies: UBC study Global News Michael Brauer September 5
SK won't be able to supply 2 million doses of flu vaccine promised for 2014-15 CTV News Monika Naus September 5
Birthweight higher for babies born in "green" neighbourhoods: Study Toronto Sun Michael Brauer September 5
Green neighbourhoods lead to healthier babies, finds UBC study Metro News Michael Brauer September 4
'Greenness' good for infant birthweight 24 Hours News Michael Brauer September 4
Health officials say B.C. is on high alert for Ebola CKNW Bonnie Henry September 2
Possible Risks of S.S.R.I. Antidepressants to Newborns The New York Times Barbara Mintzes September 1
Infected horses serve as West Nile reminder Capital News Bonnie Henry August 30
Comment: Women not to blame for doctor shortage Times Colonist Lindsay Hedden and Morris Barer August 30
125 overdoses reversed in past two years with take-home antidote: B.C. Centre for Disease Control The Province Jane Buxton August 29
Sex, lies and physician supply UBC Reports Morris Barer August 28
BC debates efficacy of physician incentives CMAJ Kim McGrail August 25
Sex, lies and physician supply Troy Media Lindsay Hedden and Morris Barer August 24
HIV stigmas in the South Asian community (Segment starts at 1:03:40) CBC Early Edition Farah Shroff August 20
Cuts to Canadian Food Inspection Agency risk food safety Georgia Straight Erica Frank August 13
Citizen scientists to help UVic measure radiation from Japan Times Colonist Erica Frank August 6
Smoky wildfires in US and Canada damage lung health New Scientist Sarah Henderson August 2
It’s time for our governments to tackle poverty The Province John Millar July 29
Risky play and skinned knees are key to healthy child development Toronto Star Mariana Brussoni July 29
Trees too dangerous for Regina Beach Sun News Mariana Brussoni July 25
Editorial: Affordable child care can bring economic and social benefits Vancouver Sun Paul Kershaw July 24
Parents and businesses push for $10-a-day child care in B.C. Vancouver Sun Paul Kershaw July 20
Wildfire smoke forecasting system helps head-off health impacts Global News Catherine Elliott July 19
'This is just sick': Smog building up in eastern Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley The Province Larry Frank July 15
Legal marijuana shops in B.C.: What they might look like CBC News Mark Haden July 10
5 Reasons Dads Shouldn’t Work Outside the Home TIME Mariana Brussoni June 30
'I knew he wasn't ready' The Province Anita Ho June 29
Paramedics dealing increased overdose calls in Vancouver News 1130 Jane Buxton June 29
BC's billion dollar healthcare boondoggle Troy Media Ruth Lavergne / Kim McGrail June 27
Dangers of off-label drug use kept secret Toronto Star Barbara Mintzes June 27
Was B.C.’s push for better primary health care a $1-billion bust? Globe and Mail Ruth Lavergne / Kim McGrail June 24
Are seniors better off these days at the expense of younger generations? Globe and Mail Paul Kershaw June 19
How 'Likely Voter Models' Leave Out My Generation Huffington Post Paul Kershaw June 18
Cities With Bike Shares Have Fewer Bike-Related Injuries Overall Smithsonian Mag Kay Teschke June 17
Le Québec privé d’un antidote qui sauve des vies à Vancouver Le Devoir Jane Buxton June 12
Kids benefit from rough and tumble play with kids UBC Reports Mariana Brussoni June 12
In praise of the fun dad: Why the best fathers aren’t afraid to expose their kids to a little fear Globe and Mail Mariana Brussoni June 10
Kamloops hospital’s ER only one in Canada to offer OD kit Kamloops This Week Trevor Corneil June 10
Parental pressures weighing on kids Langley Times Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) June 9
UBC professor using toenail clippings in cancer prevention research Metro News Trevor Dummer June 6
Arsenic and old toenails UBC Reports Trevor Dummer June 5
Formaldehyde in furniture caused ill effects, allege B.C. newlyweds CBC News Karen Bartlett June 6
Woman brought back from the brink of death - Part 2 of a three-part series on the resurgence of heroin use in British Columbia Vancouver Su Jane Buxton June 2
Injury risk in young workers CTV News Chris McLeod June 2
Occupational disease from asbestos CTV News Chris McLeod June 2
Therapeutic benefits of music being used to treat Alzheimer’s, addiction, and depression Globe and Mail Larry Frisch May 29
Anti-Poverty Advocate Poised to Lead Portland Hotel Society The Tyee Ted Bruce May 29
Urban air increasingly linked to heart disease Georgia Straight Michael Brauer May 21
Tips for dealing with wildfire smoke ABC News Bakersfield Michael Brauer May 15
Arbutus Corridor: One track minds Vancouver Courier Kay Teschke May 14
New Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health launched at UBC UBC Reports Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health May 8 2014
New Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health launched at UBC Nation Talk CEIH May 5
‘It’s Catching’: Children’s guide to microbes also a useful primer for adults Jennifer Gardy May 2
Federal search for new head of Canada’s microbiology lab worries scientists Metro News Bonnie Henry April 30
Opinion: Reconsider cuts to multidisciplinary clinics Vancouver Sun Sam Sheps / Alex Berland April 29
Pollen seasons changing, asthma and allergy rates on the rise Globe and Mail Michael Brauer April 28
Warmer weather brings increase in preventable fall injuries News 1130 Mariana Brussoni April 26
UBC project hopes to deliver prenatal education via text Vancouver Sun Patricia Janssen April 25
Malaria’s huge human cost Vancouver Sun Rosemin Kassam April 25
Book written for the next generation of germ detectives Vancouver Sun Jennifer Gardy April 25
Generation Squeezed CBC Paul Kershaw April 20
Canada Foundation for Innovation awards UBC $2.2M to boost research UBC Reports Amee Manges April 17
Hard pill to swallow NOW magazine Barbara Mintzes April 17
Canadians spending more out of pocket on health CBC News Michael Law April 16
Antibiotics improve growth in children Deccan Chronicle Amee Manges April 16
Pharmacists prescribing for stroke patients shows benefits, researchers say CBC News Michael Law April 16
Low-risk patients three times less likely to be admitted to hospital in medication therapy management (MTM) study of home-health patients Health Canal Jason Sutherland April 10
Tiny bugs, big threat UBC Reports Jerry Spiegel / David Patrick April 10
Tamiflu's effectiveness in cutting hospitalizations questioned CBC News Barbara Mintzes April 10
Des milliards de dollars dépensés dans le monde pour des antiviraux jugés peu efficaces Huffington Post Quebec Barbara Mintzes April 9
Health Canada releases summary report of controversial drug Diane-35 Toronto Star Barbara Mintzes April 9
Is the FDA sexist for rejecting female Viagra?
Parent Herald Barbara Mintzes April 8
How to Handle FDA Rejection Slate Barbara Mintzes April 6
5-second rule for dropped food put to the test CBC News Jennifer Gardy April 3
Non-profit service agencies under greater scrutiny in wake of PHS scandal Globe and Mail Jim Frankish April 1
One in 3 prescriptions unfilled, some for chronic conditions: study CTV News Steve Morgan April 1
Study finds 1 in 3 prescriptions unfilled, some for chronic conditions Fort Frances Times Online Steve Morgan April 1
Canadians spend more on private health insurance for smaller payouts UBC Reports Michael Law March 27
Availability of junk food in schools encourages obesity, study finds Vancouver Sun Louise Masse March 25
Sugary drinks weigh heavily on teenage obesity Medical Xpress Louise Masse March 25
Prescription heroin case going to Supreme Court Globe and Mail Study to Assess Longer-term Opioid Medication Effectiveness (SALOME) March 25
Canadian private health insurers paying out less in benefits than premiums collected: study Yahoo News Michael Law March 24
Payouts from private insurance falling, says UBC report Vancouver Sun Michael Law March 24
Canadians pay more for private insurance, getting less, report says Globe and Mail Michael Law March 24
Gap widening between premiums paid in, benefits paid out for health insurance Brandon Sun Michael Law March 24
Private health insurance in Canada deemed inefficient CBC News Michael Law March 24
Waiting times cost B.C. patients $155.5 million last year: Fraser Institute study Vancouver Sun Aslam Anis March 24
Old like me. Why elderly care needs more risk Globe and Mail Saskia Sivananthan March 22
New study says coal dust unhealthy Steel Guru Michael Brauer March 22
No cause to fret about measles in Okanagan Kelowna Capital News Trevor Corneil March 20
Is Fukushima radiation posing a threat to fish caught off the B.C. coast? Global News Erica Frank March 11
Europe faces up to big pharma over clinical data New Scientist Barbara Mintzes March 11
Evaluating Canada’s 48-Hour Hip Surgery Benchmark VCHRI Boris Sobolev March 9
Provincial government payouts for prescription drugs hold steady Globe and Mail Michael Law March 6
Canada gets failing grade on antibiotic use in animals Globe and Mail David Patrick March 6
Be well at work, says health study Kelowna Daily Courier Carolyn Gotay March 5
UBC prof wants to address generation squeeze The Ubyssey Paul Kershaw March 5
Employees at UBC’s Okanagan campus hear results of study into their healthy behaviours Carolyn Gotay February 27
Avoid travel sickness on your next vacation The Social Jennifer Gardy February 25
Quelle réforme pour le financement des hôpitaux au Canada? Huffington Post Quebec Jason Sutherland February 25
Postpartum hemorrhage increasing in Canada, study shows Azar Mehrabadi February 21
Superbugs slipping through ‘gaps’ and ‘loopholes’ in Canadian regulations David Patrick February 20
Number of medicated kids soars Saskatoon Star-Phoenix Barbara Mintzes February 19
Gov'ts continue to favour seniors Terrace Standard Paul Kershaw February 18
Prescriptions for Prozac-like drugs for youth growing, study shows Barbara Mintzes February 18
Paul Kershaw: What we need is a new deal for families The Province Paul Kershaw February 18
Major gaps persist in workplace protection against TB, HIV and hepatitis in South Africa Medical News Annalee Yassi February 16
Hormone replacement therapy: navigating the debate Globe and Mail Barbara Mintzes February 16
We need kindergarten research tool, school district says Cranbrook Daily Townsman Human Early Learning Partnership February 13
Opinion: What are health risks of expanded coal exports? Vancouver Sun Michael Brauer February 12
Prosperity depends on public commitment to child health, conference hears Globe and Mail Clyde Hertzman February 9
Let kids be kids Sun News Mariana Brussoni February 6
Popular wood heat fires up concerns The Columbian Michael Brauer February 6
How childhood experience gets under our skin Globe and Mail Clyde Hertzman February 6
Road pricing can help with increasing congestion: report News 1130 Lawrence Frank February 3
Don Cayo: When boomers don’t retire, do young workers win or lose? Vancouver Sun Paul Kershaw February 3
Fighting Noise Pollution: A Public Health Strategy Environmental Health Perspectives Hugh Davies January 31
Wood heat more popular, but there are environmental concerns Fresno Bee Michael Brauer January 31
Air pollution and asthma
UBC Reports Michael Brauer January 31
Long-term Air Pollution Ups Risk of CVD: European Study Medscape Michael Brauer January 27
China pollution drifting to BC Global News Michael Brauer January 24
Pollution from China harming air quality on West Coast: study Vancouver Sun Michael Brauer January 22
Studies Look at Off-Hours MI, Bad Air and ACS Med Page Today Michael Brauer January 22
Smog Tied To Heart Disease, Coronary Events: Could Air Pollution In China Pose An Even Bigger Threat? Medical Daily Michael Brauer January 22
Long term exposure to air pollution linked to coronary events Rochdale News Michael Brauer January 21
Where there’s smoke . . . BMJ online Michael Brauer January 21
B.C. man declared too healthy for alternative to open-heart surgery Vancouver Province Michael Burgess January 21
Downtown plan will foster health, pilot study suggests Vancouver Sun Larry Frank January 21
Is it safe to eat the sushi? Answers to your questions about Fukushima radiation Vancouver Province Erica Frank January 20
More flu vaccine doses inbound to B.C. 24 Hours Vancouver Monika Naus January 16
The invisible danger of radon Globe and Mail Sarah Henderson and Michael Brauer January 16
Port Coquitlam pilot project aims to reduce kids' vulnerability Vancouver Sun Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) January 13
Cycling safety tips for the New Year
UBC Reports Kay Teschke January 9
Should bike helmets remain mandatory in B.C.? Georgia Straight Kay Teschke January 7
The New Brunswick Drug Plan With Great Potential Huffington Post Steve Morgan January 7
TReport finds major flaws in long-term care funding formula Calgary Herald Jason Sutherland January 6
Jane Macdougall: The unstoppable Rattus norvegicus National Post Vancouver Rat Project January 4
Canadian Rx spending slumps, but "tectonic changes" coming PharmaTimes Steve Morgan January 2

Primary health care evaluation gets $2.4M boostUBC ReportsSabrina Wong, Kim McGrailJune 26Graveyard shiftUBC ReportsCarolyn GotayJune 21Health behind BarsUBC ReportsRuth MartinApril 3

Headline Source Researcher Date
China's record smog levels CTV News Michael Brauer December 31
Okanagan drinking a problem Global News Trevor Corneil December 27
Want to build muscle? It’s not what you eat, but when Globe and Mail Rajavel Elango December 22
More people getting the flu shot News 1130 Monika Naus December 18
The Incoming Rise of Prescription Drug Spending Huffington Post Steve Morgan December 18
Family whose daughter died after taking drug sues Shoppers Drug Mart Waterloo Record Barbara Mintzes December 17
Canadians spending less on Rx drugs Steve Morgan December 12
Finding a home Squamish Chief Jim Frankish December 12
Canadians spending less per capita on prescription drugs - for now: economists The Province Steve Morgan December 12
How poverty is killing us John Millar December 11
B.C. painkiller use far above national average CTV News Steve Morgan December 11
Time and cash-strapped Gen X and Y? Join the club Paul Kershaw December 10
Medical journal slams Ottawa for cutting off post-trial heroin Vancouver Sun Aslam Anis December 9
Would you let researchers access your health care data? Vancouver Sun Nancy Meagher December 5
Closer look at 'healthy obesity' CBC News Carolyn Gotay December 3
Many teas contain enough lead to be dangerous for pregnant and nursing women: new Canadian study National Post Michael Brauer December 1
Wellness project a success for staff members at TRU Kamloops Daily News Carolyn Gotay November 28
Be Well at Work project promotes healthy living CFJC TV Kamloops Carolyn Gotay November 27
Be Well at Work study wrap-up celebration event in Kamloops CHNL-AM radio Carolyn Gotay November 26
How long must poor kids in B.C. wait for action? Vancouver Province John Millar November 26
Canada ranks poorly in diabetes, obesity CBC News Steve Morgan November 20
Health may be key to drivers choosing transit: Expert News 1130 Lawrence Frank November 19
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UBC talks transit improvements, upcoming TransLink referendum Ubyssey Lawrence Frank November 18
UBC professor warns of suburban sprawl, ‘horrific’ congestion in Lower Mainland Victoria Time-Colonist Lawrence Frank November 17
UBC planning professor warns of suburban sprawl, ‘horrific’ congestion Vancouver Sun Lawrence Frank November 17
'Generation Squeeze' message comes to Kelowna Kelowna Capital News Paul Kershaw November 15
Fix transit by tying funding to regional growth strategy: UBC prof Metro Lawrence Frank November 14
Lawrence Frank: Four ways to fix transit in Metro Vancouver Georgia Straight Lawrence Frank November 14
Opinion: Four ways to fix mass transit in Metro Vancouver Vancouver Sun Lawrence Frank November 14
Great Green Coffee Bean debate Ottawa Citizen Richard Mathias November 14
Medical heroin a charter right for addicts, says UBC-Providence Health care researchers Ubyssey Aslam Anis November 13
Researcher offers tips on making Calgary safer for cyclists Calgary Herald Kay Teschke October 30
Why we have too many medical specialists: Our system's an uncoordinated mess Globe and Mail Morris Barer October 29
Cloth shopping bags unhealthy? U.S. researcher says yes, use plastic Vancouver Province Karen Bartlett October 28
Tips for dealing with wildfire smoke Knoxville News Sentinel Michael Brauer October 27
Network to Eliminate Violence In Relationships Focuses On Relationship Violence At Surrey Forum The Link Patti Janssen October 26
Drug safety reviews to be made public, health minister says Toronto Star Barbara Mintzes October 24
What might a national daycare program cost? Globe and Mail Paul Kershaw October 24
The case for publicly funded child care in Canada Globe and Mail Paul Kershaw October 21
Air pollution nine-times deadlier than car crashes, UBC researchers say Vancouver Sun Michael Brauer October 21
Exhaust near elementary schools concerns UBC researchers CBC News Michael Brauer October 21
Health Canada review of controversial acne drug kept secret Toronto Star Barbara Mintzes October 19
Treating with pharmaceutical grade heroin the best option Vancouver Sun Martin Schechter October 18
Canada will soon face a glut of new physicians Star Phoenix Morris Barer and Robert Evans October 15
Almost half of Fraser Cascade preschoolers not ready for school Agassiz Harrison Observer Human Early Learning Partnership October 11
What doctor shortage? UBC Reports Morris Barer / Robert Evans October 10 2013
Painting a bleak future for Canadian health care Times Colonist Centre for Health Services and Policy Research October 10
Aircraft noise tied to higher heart disease risk CBC News Hugh Davies October 9
Barer & Evans: What doctor shortage? National Post Morris Barer / Robert Evans October 7
Showing promise in B.C., prescription heroin now in peril Globe and Mail Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes October 5
Health Minister tightens rules on drug access program Globe and Mail Martin Schechter October 3
Housing First program can help end homelessness Vancouver Sun Jim Frankish October 3
Injury prevention professionals’ clumsy secret: They are 70% more likely to be injured than the rest of us National Post Mariana Brussoni October 2
Nova Scotia campaign ignores Generation Squeeze Troy Media Paul Kershaw September 27
Research boss calls for health data shakeup Vancouver Sun Nancy Meagher September 25
TransLink referendum must emphasize health benefits: expert News 1130 Larry Frank September 24
Readers debate tougher bicycle helmet law Vancouver Sun Kay Teschke September 16
Growing health care costs should be monitored to ensure efficiencies Financial Post Jason Sutherland September 9
Concerns about transit for new Metro Vancouver communities News 1130 Lawrence Frank September 9
B.C. doctors want to prescribe heroin for selected patients Globe and Mail SALOME - Dr. Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes September 8
Statistics Canada report to reveal income and housing inequality Vancouver Sun Paul Kershaw September 9
B.C. women up to age 26 now eligible for HPV cancer-prevention vaccine Globe Post Monika Naus September 6
Liberal MP Hedy Fry seeks public input on prescription drugs Georgia Straight Steve Morgan September 4
Heroin substitute offers hope to addicts Globe and Mail Eugenia Oviedo-Jokes August 30
What's really needed to raise children: More time, higher incomes UBC Reports Paul Kershaw August 29
Fraser Institute Study a Distraction from the True Cost of Raising Kids Epoch Times Paul Kershaw August 28
Yosemite Rim Fire is taste of things to come New Scientist Sarah Henderson August 27
Vancouver should get more women cycling: prof News 1130 Kay Teschke August 27
What’s really needed to raise children: More time, higher incomes Globe and Mail Paul Kershaw August 26
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TransLink would benefit from retail revenue, B.C. politicians say Globe and Mail Larry Frank August 9
New research delves into the role of sex and gender in workplace safety Journal of Commerce Mieke Koehoorn August 25
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One size doesn’t fit all: Ethnic birth weight chart better for infant care UBC Reports Gillian Hanley / Patti Janseen July 31
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Link Seen Between Public Transit and Improved Community Health Windsor Star Lawrence Frank July 8
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Air pollution a concern as Kitimat considers list of industrial projects Vancouver Sun Michael Brauer July 1
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Vancouver rats carry disease that can infect humans Vancouver Sun Chelsea Himsworth June 19
Guest column: B.C.’s pharmacare system is a terrible failure Vancouver Province Steve Morgan June 18
Guest column: B.C.’s pharmacare system is a terrible failure Vancouver Province Steve Morgan June 18
Do zachachuchania jedan krok Polityka (Poland) Mariana Brussoni June 13
B.C.’s Fair PharmaCare fares poorly compared with other systems Vancouver Sun Steve Morgan June 11
B.C.’s Fair PharmaCare fares poorly compared with other systems Vancouver Sun Steve Morgan June 11
Rx for Canada’s ailing healthcare system Troy Media Steve Morgan June 11
Research Could Boost Prospects of Kids Harmed by Stress Psychiatric News Tom Boyce June 5
Babies-In-Prison Program Benefited Mothers, Infants, Doctor Says Huffington Post Patricia Janssen June 3
Babies-In-Prison Program Benefited Mothers, Infants, Doctor Says Huffington Post Patricia Janssen June 3
If your MD got a flu shot, you'll likely get one too Israel 21c Erica Frank June 2
Private drug plans ‘not sustainable’ in current form, insurance exec says Ottawa Citizen Steve Morgan May 25
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Should Canada punish hospitals for poor care? Other countries do it Globe and Mail Jason Sutherland April 26
Full Pundit: Did Canadian health care kill Rita MacNeil? Health care, heal thyself
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Canadians overmedicated because MDs unaware of drug risks, experts say
Globe and Mail Barbara Mintzes April 25
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Health care latest battleground for BC Liberals and NDP
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Big Pharma big secrets
Warning: These pills may contain side effects that even you doctor doesn't know about
Vancouver Sun Barbara Mintzes April 11
Drug side effects: What your doctor doesn't know CTV News Barbara Mintzes April 10
Drug sales reps often skip the side effects, doctor survey finds Globe and Mail Barbara Mintzes April 10
Doctors Not Informed of Drug Side Effects During Sales Visits
Time Barbara Mintzes April 10
Doctors Not Informed Of Harmful Effects Of Medicine During Sales Visits CKNW Simi Sara show Barbara Mintzes April 10
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Drug Company Reps Don't Tell Docs Enough About Side Effects: Survey Philadelphia Inquirer Barbara Mintzes April 10
Doctors often not informed of drugs' harmful effects during sales visits: UBC study Vancouver Sun Barbara Mintzes April 10
Doctors often not informed of drugs' harmful effects during sales visits: study Winnipeg Free Press Barbara Mintzes April 10
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Seniors without private coverage taking fewer meds: study National Post Michael Law April 10
Healthy Doctors Lead to Healthy Patients Medical Breakthroughs Erica Frank April 10
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Termination of pregnancies due to birth defects driving increase in stillbirth rates, study shows Edmonton Journal KS Joseph April 8
Doctors concerned with their own health preach what they practise Vancouver Sun Erica Frank April 8
More Abortions Contributed To Significant Increase In Stillbirths Medical Daily KS Joseph April 8
Rise in abortions for major birth defects tied to fewer babies being born with severe congenital anomalies: CMAJ study by BC researchers Vancouver Sun KS Joseph April 8
Canada loses out on drug pricing, study says Medical Xpress Steve Morgan April 8
Stillbirth rates have increased significantly, although spontaneous stillbirth rates have not Medical Xpress KS Joseph April 8
Healthy doctors make healthy patients, study finds Science Daily Erica Frank April 8
Healthy doctors make healthy patients, study finds Medical Xpress Erica Frank April 8
Personal preventive health practices of physicians can benefit patients Science Codex Erica Frank April 8
Termination of pregnancies due to birth defects driving increase in stillbirth rates, study shows KS Joseph April 8
Healthy doctors make healthy patients, Canadian study finds
Global News Erica Frank April 8
Rise in therapeutic abortions in B.C. due to better prenatal monitoring
Vancouver Sun KS Joseph April 8
Moving to income-based drug coverage is the wrong prescription
Troy Media Steve Morgan April 3
Canada’s pharmacare system designed to fail Troy Media Steve Morgan March 31
Maps reveal increased prevalence of obesity in Canada Endocrine Today Carolyn Gotay March 26
Adverse drug reactions send many seniors to hospital, study finds Globe and Mail Barbara Mintzes March 26
Generic drug price change the right move for Alberta Beacon News Michael Law March 24
Alberta moving in right direction on generic drug prices Troy Media Michael Law March 24
Party across B.C. with Gen Squeeze The Record Paul Kershaw March 22
OpEd: Income-based drug plan is wrong remedy for Alberta Edmonton Journal Steve Morgan March 20
CIDA, UBC deal to arrange tratment for infants born with clubfoots in BD Financial Express Richard Mathias March 18
CIDA, UBC deal to arrange tratment for infants born with clubfoots in BD Vancouver Sun Richard Mathias March 15
UBC program gets $4.3 million in funding for Bangladeshi kids with clubfoot Times Colonist Richard Mathias March 15
UBC program gets $4.3 million in funding for Bangladeshi kids with clubfoot Winnipeg Free Press Richard Mathias March 15
Harper Government Partners with University of British Columbia to Introduce Innovative Treatment of Clubfoot in Bangladesh Wall Street Journal Market Watch Richard Mathias March 15
A future that is public … or private? Vancouver Sun Sabrina Wong March 14
Scientist warns of forest fire smoke health risks Prince George Citizen Sarah Henderson March 13
Three changes would help Generation Squeeze The Now Paul Kershaw March 13
Surrey and Vancouver city councils to review motions on Fraser Surrey Docks coal export expansion Georgia Straight Erica Frank March 7
A decade of the Common Drug Review CMAJ News Steve Morgan March 7
Vaccination debate continues in Vancouver Georgia Straight Monika Naus March 6
B.C. Medical Association wants crackdown on online drug advertising Vancouver Sun Barbara Mintzes February 27
Canadian obesity epidemic soars to record high rates Globe and Mail Carolyn Gotay February 27
Obesity rates at historic levels in Canada CBC News Carolyn Gotay February 27
Adult obesity rates at historic high, North and Maritimes tip the scale most: study Windsor Star Carolyn Gotay February 27
Stress Is Killing Gender Equality in Canada The Tyee Paul Kershaw February 26
It’s time for Canadian governments to take action on obesity Vancouver Sun John Millar February 25
Iain Hunter: What will we leave our grandchildren? Victoria Times Colonist Paul Kershaw February 24
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High cost, low pay for those under 45 Burnaby Now Paul Kershaw February 22
Younger generations squeezing in more to keep afloat Maple Ridge - Pit Meadows Times Paul Kershaw February 21
B.C. budget widens generational gaps Winnipeg Free Press Paul Kershaw February 20
MSP premiums to rise for second straight year Vancouver Sun Michael Law February 19
Hertzman's Work for Children Will Carry Forward The Tyee Clyde Hertzman February 18
What the government can do to make child care more affordable CBC Radio Paul Kershaw February 18
It’s time for Canadian governments to take action on obesity Toronto Star John Millar February 17
Joanne McCullough: A Dear John letter to the province of B.C. Vancouver Province Paul Kershaw February 13
Preventing Cancer CBC News Carolyn Gotay February 13
RIP Clyde Hertzman: 1953 – 2013 Vancouver Sun Clyde Hertzman February 10
UBC mourns death of Clyde Hertzman, a world leader in early childhood development Globe and Mail Clyde Hertzman February 10
Health Canada to check acne pill Diane-35 in wake of deaths Toronto Star Barbara Mintzes January 31
Car commuters gain more weight Reuters Lawrence Frank January 26
How poverty can harm young minds Globe and Mail Clyde Hertzman January 25
New generic drugs deal could save provinces $100-million annually Globe and Mail Michael Law January 18
Flu vaccine about 45% effective this year, doctors say CBC News Danuta Skowronski January 16
Flu breakout CBC News Danuta Skowronski January 11
Are nurse practitioners the cure for B.C.'s family doctor shortage? Globe and Mail Sabrina Wong January 4
Population trends fail to explain enrolment drop in Vancouver public schools Vancouver Sun Ned Glick January 4
Mike Harcourt, five other British Columbians named officers of the Order of Canada Vancouver Sun Clyde Hertzman January 3
The key to happier kids? Acts of kindness, study says Globe and Mail Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) January 3
Random acts of kindness Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) January 3

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Clyde Hertzman
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