Non-SPPH, UBC Graduate Course Registration Request Form

  • Please enter a value between 10000000 and 99999999.
  • If you are requesting registration into DL courses, please ensure that you are aware of the course schedule as well as the DL format.
  • Please include the course code AND section number.
  • You must attach confirmation from the instructor of the course(s) you wish to register in stating that they will allow you to register in the course. If you are requesting multiple registrations, please ensure all the approval emails are merged into one document. Generally, the document you upload is a PDF of your email(s).
    I understand that by checking above, I am aware that non-SPPH student requests to register into SPPH courses are processed two to four weeks before the start of the term. I also understand that my request may not be approved even with instructor approval if the course is already full.