Media Coverage

You can find a list of media mentions of SPPH faculty and students below.

Headline Source Researcher Date
China’s Pollution Paradox

Sierra Michael Brauer July 20
University of British Columbia study reveals the developments that get people cycling

Cycling Magazine Michael Brauer and Kay Teschke July 20
Helicopter or lawnmower? Modern parenting styles can get in the way of raising well-balanced children

The Conversation Canada – a similar story appeared in Medical Xpress, Yahoo! News, and NZ Herald Mariana Brussoni July 19
Metro Vancouver air quality advisory expected to last until at least Wednesday

The Vancouver Sun Sarah Henderson July 18
BC Almanac (8:19)

CBC Michael Brauer July 13
The Early Edition (2:19:07)

CBC Eva Oberle July 13
To Get Women to Bike More, Build Better Bike Lanes

Mental Floss Kay Teschke July 13
Vancouver philanthropists’ home sale funding health research, including that of this rat researcher

Vancouver Sun – a similar story appeared in the Montreal Gazette Interdisciplinary doctoral student Kaylee Byers, Chelsea Himsworth July 12
Evenings With Kirk LaPointe – Kay Teschke (July 12, 2017)

Roundhouse Radio Kay Teschke July 12
Teaching children emotional intelligence could help their mental health longterm

Metro UK – a similar story appeared in Hindustan Times, India TV, New Kerala, PsychCentral, Independent Online, NewsRoomAmerica, Politico, Education World, Daily Star, and Science Daily Eva Oberle July 12
Women cyclists more put off by traffic than men: study

Metro News – a similar story appeared in Our Windsor Kay Teschke July 11
UBC study provides roadmap for attracting cyclists

Metro News – a similar story appeared in News1130 Kay Teschke and Michael Brauer July 11
Real time illegal drug warning project launched to combat overdoses

Vancouver Sun Jane Buxton, Perry Kendall July 11
CBC Radio One

CBC Michael Brauer July 11
Get creative for health-care revenues

CBC Steve Morgan July 10
Wildfires take health toll as climate change helps usher in ‘new normal’

Metro News – a similar story appeared in MSN Sarah Henderson July 9
SECOND OPINION | Did Canadians get a caloric kick from NAFTA?

CBC Barbara Mintzes July 8
B.C. wildfires and floods show climate chaos is upon us

The Georgia Straight Michael Brauer and Chris Carlsten July 8
This Toronto physician says doctors should be required to know the price of drugs

CBC Steve Morgan July 7
Nature on the move

The Globe and Mail Chelsea Himsworth July 6
No improvement low back pain seen with addition of RF denervation vs standardized program alone

Healio – a similar story appeared in The New York Times Postdoctoral research fellow Esther Maas July 3
UBC professor: a list of free prescription drugs could save everyone money

The Ubyssey Steve Morgan July 3
Blowing smoke

iPolitics Doctoral student Stephanie Lake July 1
Industry warns against Quebec’s drug plan, citing potential shortages

The Globe and Mail Michael Law June 28
Convenience of virtual-doctor house calls enticing, especially to younger women: UBC study

Vancouver Sun – a similar story appeared in The Province Kim McGrail June 28
Quebec expects to save millions with overhaul of generic-drug purchasing process

The Globe and Mail Michael Law June 28
Why letting your kids play alone outside is good for them

The Social Mariana Brussoni June 26
Home prices hurt young people’s income mobility

The Globe and Mail Paul Kershaw June 26
Delta facing major cost as it looks to upgrade playground equipment

Delta Optimist [Mariana Brussoni] June 23
Doctors Should Be Using Heroin to Treat Addiction

Vice Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes June 22
Escalating student debt blamed on parental spending

CBC Paul Kershaw June 21
How To Stop Drug Prices From Rising? New Study Points To Single-Payer Health Care System

International Business Times Steve Morgan June 19
New program for pregnant women

Rocky Mountain Goat Patricia Janssen June 18
Opinion: Medical tourism could provide revenue for our health care system

Vancouver Sun Steve Morgan June 16
Evenings with Kirk LaPointe – Steve Morgan

Roundhouse Radio Steve Morgan June 13
Canada pays more for prescription drugs for common conditions than other wealthy countries: CMAJ study

CBC – a similar story appeared in CBC Radio’s BC Almanac, Canadian Press including Globe and Mail, News1130, Global News, Science Daily, MSN, Castanet and CTV News. Steve Morgan June 12
A vacuum or forceps delivery could be riskier than a C-section for mom and baby

Today’s Parent – a similar story appeared in UPI Doctoral student Giulia Muraca June 6
Four Ways to Fill the Rental Housing Gap

The Tyee Paul Kershaw June 6
SmartMom program offers pregnancy information by text

Prince George Citizen – a similar story appeared in My Prince George Now and Energetic City Patricia Janssen June 5
Cesarean deliveries better than midpelvic forceps, vacuum deliveries: Study

Business Standard – similar stories appeared in Science Daily, The Sun, UPI, Gephardt Daily Doctoral student Giulia Muraca June 5
Sponsored article: Reflections of Canada offers unflinching look at the nation on its 150th anniversary

Georgia Straight David Patrick, Perry Kendall June 2
Tiny air pollutants inflame airways and harm heart

Science News for Students Michael Brauer May 31
Triple Therapy More Cost-Effective Than MTX + Biologic in RA

Medscape – a similar story appeared in Doctors Lounge and Healio Nick Bansback May 30
Smog is making you sick

Australian Broadcasting Company Michael Brauer May 29
DLP004 – Kay Teschke

Dandy Lion Cargo Podcast Kay Teschke May 28
Free drugs for addicts?

Global News Perry Kendall May 26
Heron-Assisted Treatment

Fairchild TV [Martin Schechter, Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes], Patricia Daly May 26
Addiction experts urge expansion of medical heroin program in Canada

The Canadian Press – appeared in CTV News, Vancouver Sun, CFJC Today and Yahoo and a similar story appeared in CBC Martin Schechter, Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes May 26
Opinion: Our approach to opioid addiction isn’t working

The Province Martin Schechter, Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes May 26
Give Cities Some Breathing Room

The Mark News – also appeared in Arab News, Cyprus Mail, and Newsroom Panama, Michael Brauer May 25
European Addiction Specialists Gather In Vancouver To Discuss Heroin-assisted Treatment

CKNW – The Simi Sara Show Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes May 25
Many kids not ready for kindergarten: report

Squamish Chief Human Early Learning Partnership May 25
Vancouver woman one of 80 worldwide chosen for elite expedition to Antarctica

Vancouver Sun Sylvia Struck May 23
Metro Cities: Time for Canada to put pedal to the metal on cycling

Metro News Kay Teschke May 22
Jane Philpott says pharmaceutical heroin a potential lifesaver in opioid epidemic

CBC Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes May 20
Opinion: Years of cuts to public services in B.C. comes at societal cost

Vancouver Sun Steve Morgan May 20
Will Ottawa’s new plan lower Canada’s high drug prices?

The Globe and Mail Steve Morgan May 19
A look at the prevalence of cost-control measures in private drug plans

Benefits Canada Michael Law May 18
‘Internet abortions’ may be safe option where procedure is restricted, study suggests

The Washington Post – a similar story appeared in New York Magazine Wendy Norman, an associate member of SPPH May 16
Abortion pills accessed online are as safe, effective as clinics: study

CBC Wendy Norman, an associate member of SPPH May 16
Federal health minister vows to bring down ‘unacceptably high’ drug costs

CTV News Steve Morgan May 16
Ontario will give free prescription drugs to people under 25 — will BC?

Ubyssey Steve Morgan May 12
This app can help you become a free-range parent

TreeHugger [Mariana Brussoni] May 11
Global Voices: Prison bars shouldn’t be barrier to maternal bond

Montreal Gazette – a similar story appeared on The Times Colonist Ruth Martin May 9
Peter Watts: Our Use of Medication

News Talk 770 (CHQR) Steve Morgan May 8
Study links fetal reduction in multifetal pregnancies, better birth outcomes

CTV News – a similar story appeared on Science Daily K.S. Joseph
alumna Neda Razaz
May 8
Grossesse multiple : supprimer un embryon pour assurer la santé des autres

Radio Canada K.S. Joseph May 8
Fact check: Will legalizing pot keep it out of the hands of kids?

The Canadian Press – featured on CTV News and Times Colonist Mark Haden May 4
Cutting through the smog: What to do to fight air pollution

New Scientist Michael Brauer May 3
Millennials aren’t fleeing Vancouver but older siblings are

CBC – similar stories appeared in The Vancouver Sun and The Province Paul Kershaw May 3
This is It! A Concrete Plan for Parents who Want to Start Free-Ranging!

Free-Range Kids Mariana Brussoni May 2
Opioid addicts turn to psychedelic plants to treat withdrawal, but doctors warn of risks

CBC Mark Haden May 2
Why a universal pharmacare plan makes sense — now

The Toronto Star – a similar story appeared in Ottawa Life Magazine Steve Morgan May 2
Ranks of seniors catch up, pass young people in Canada, census numbers to show

News1130 a similar story appeared in The Montreal Gazette Paul Kershaw May 1
Five things to know about Ontario’s new youth pharmacare program

The Globe and Mail Steve Morgan April 28
Transit workers demand meeting with TTC over subway pollution

The Toronto Star Michael Brauer April 25
Report card meant to reduce economic impact of poor workplace health

News 1130 [Hans Krueger] April 24
Public Health Chronicle with Farah Shroff

Radio Canada Farah Shroff, an associate member of SPPH April 20
Rielle Capler says future 4/20 rallies will still have plenty to protest and celebrate

CBC Rielle Capler April 19
Teachers May Be Passing Along Stress to Students

VOCM News Eva Oberle April 19
Putting the risk back into play: the benefits of being less protective

Global News [Mariana Brussoni] April 18
The Early Edition (starts at 1:27:00)

CBC Farah Shroff April 18
Sponsored article:
National database offers new tool in fight against chronic disease

National Post Trevor Dummer April 17
The Wrong Way to Keep Kids Safe From Predators

The New York Times [Mariana Brussoni] April 14
Study: Human deaths associated with global trade and air pollution

The Ubyssey Michael Brauer April 14
From opium to opioids: A look at British Columbia’s illicit drug history

Roundhouse Radio Mark Tyndall April 13

OMNI Television Jiayun Yao (Angela) April 12
Evenings with Kirk LaPointe – Rielle Capler

Roundhouse Radio Rielle Capler April 11
Why drugs like these for ‘orphan’ diseases are a booming business with colossal costs for patients

The Globe and Mail Michael Law April 10
Charting an Adventurous Path Forwards

Pathways Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health April 6
Healthy Lifestyle Really Does Decrease Your Risk of Certain Cancers

Live Science Rachel Murphy April 6
Vancouver sticker shock sends ripple effects across B.C.

Business in Vancouver Paul Kershaw April 5
The deadly human cost of your cellphone, calculated

CBC Michael Brauer April 1
Evenings With Kirk LaPointe – Michael Brauer

Roundhouse Radio Michael Brauer March 31
B.C.’s working poor: Food often comes last, after the bills are paid

Vancouver Sun – a similar story also appeared on MSN and Times Colonist John Millar March 30
Dirty air from global trade kills at home and abroad

Associated Press – appeared in Seattle Times, ABC News, 9 News, Business Insider, MetroNews Michael Brauer March 29
How your cheap Chinese-made products may be killing thousands in China

USA Today Michael Brauer March 29
Is prescription heroin the future of addiction treatment?

The Ubyssey Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes March 23
UBC and First Nations Health Authority partner to improve Indigenous health

Metro News Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health March 19
From opium to fentanyl: How did we get here?

The Province Mark Haden March 18
Narcan kits becoming a party essential

Vancouver Courier Jane Buxton March 16
What can I do when I can’t afford my prescriptions?

The Globe and Mail Steve Morgan March 16
“The real experts in the opioid crisis”: What is it, who it affects and how to fight it

The Ubyssey Jane Buxton March 13
For B.C.’s female prisoners, this peer mentor program is a leg up on the outside The Globe and Mail Ruth Martin March 13
Cleaning Urban Air Requires Radical Solutions

Fast Company Michael Brauer March 13
The Vancouver Rat Project

CBC Keeping Canada Safe Michael Lee, Kaylee Byers March 12
Made in B.C. pneumonia app

Global News Mark Ansermino, and associate member of SPPH, and Matthew Wiens March 10
Study: Universal pharmacare system could save Canada $3.1 billion

The Ubyssey Steve Morgan March 10
Centre for Disease control wants to change the conversation around addiction

My Prince George Now Jane Buxton March 9
Heroin Town

Life of the Law Martin Schechter March 8
B.C. Health Ministry to take responsibility for inmate health care

The Globe and Mail Ruth Martin March 6
Air pollution around the world takes a staggering toll

Washington Post State of Global Air (Michael Brauer) March 5
Terence Corcoran: If you like Canada’s liquor, transit and electricity monopolies, you’ll love the medicine cartel

Financial Post Steve Morgan March 2
Brazil’s Deadly Prison Riots a Warning for Canada

The Tyee Ruth Elwood Martin and Carlos Magno Neves March 2
Can motorists tolerate cyclists and share the road?

The Globe and Mail Kay Teschke March 1
Allergy rates in immigrants increase the longer they live in Canada

The Ubyssey Hind Sbihi and Angela Yao February 28
Deadly air

Business Standard State of Global Air (Michael Brauer) February 28
Cycling advocate says helmet laws ‘counterproductive,’ but doctor disagrees

CBC Cycling in Cities February 28
Rent increase for young people in Vancouver, Toronto

Ming Pao Vancouver Paul Kershaw February 28
Anatomy of a mumps outbreak: Expert advice and all you need to know

MetroNews Monika Naus February 27
Canada’s family doctors push to ban solitary confinement in prisons

The Globe and Mail Ruth Martin February 27
Government drug coverage could save Canadians ‘billions,’ study finds

The Toronto Star – similar stories appeared in Yahoo!, Steve Morgan February 27
Time for pharmacare now

CBC White Coat, Black Art Steve Morgan February 27
The argument for providing ‘essential medicines’ for free in Canada

CTV – similar stories appeared in Globe and Mail, CBC, Global, Times Colonist, Science Daily, Medical Xpress, National Observer, Zoomer Radio, and 570 News. Steve Morgan February 27
Bringing Quebec costs to B.C. daycares a key commitment for NDP

The Globe and Mail Paul Kershaw February 24
W-18 and new fentanyl analogue confirmed in Surrey and Victoria street drugs

CKNW – a similar story appeared in AM 730 Mark Haden February 24
OLDER AND WISER: Report looks at prescriptions

North Shore News Steve Morgan February 24
Experts say Regina can breathe easy, despite reports of high pollution

CBC Michael Brauer February 23
Air pollution affects preterm birthrates globally, study finds

The Washington Post – a similar story appeared in the South China Morning Post and The Cortez Journal. Michael Brauer February 23
Too many Canadians with asthma aren’t getting flu shots, finds study

Cantech Letter SPPH research February 21
Solving affordability crisis requires rethink of housing policy

Vancouver Courier Paul Kershaw February 21
Breaking down Canada’s health-care silos: More money isn’t the answer

The Globe and Mail Jason Sutherland, Erik Hellsten February 19
Conversations That Matter: Injectable heroin just part of helping chronic addicts

The Vancouver Sun Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes February 16
How quickly can you see a doctor? Study shows Canada lags behind other nations on timely access

The Globe and Mail Steve Morgan February 16

Tristin Hopper: Don’t want to raise the retirement age? Raise the smoking and drinking rates

Saskatoon StarPhoenix Paul Kershaw February 15
India’s Air Pollution Rivals China’s as World’s Deadliest

New York Times – similar stories appeared in Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Saskatoon StarPhoenix, Vancouver Sun, Hindustan Times, Washington Post, Tech Times, The Indian Express, Business Standard, The Straits Times, International Business Times UK, Times of India, National Post, and Michael Brauer February 14
On the Origin of Scientists: Multidisciplinary is more than a buzzword for Babak Pourbohloul

The Ubyssey Babak Pourbohloul February 8
Bicycling Education in the United States Needs an Update

Streetsblog USA Kay Teschke February 7
Raising retirement age ‘inevitable,’ UBC professor says

CBC Paul Kershaw February 7
Supporting the Health of Mothers and Their Babies in the Context of Incarceration

The Vanier Institute of the Family Ruth Elwood Martin February 7
Looking at the fentanyl fix through the lens of history

CBC Mark Haden February 5
How the arrival of Mifegymiso reveals an abortion double standard

Maclean’s Wendy Norman February 5
Canadian seniors struggling to afford medication, study finds

CBC Steve Morgan February 4
Urban sprawl a growing Lower Mainland problem: UBC prof

The Now Lawrence Frank February 4
Dry February

BCIT Magazine Carolyn Gotay February 3
Better Now author Dr. Danielle Martin prescribes big ideas to enhance medicare

The Georgia Straight Steve Morgan February 1
Coming to Canada: Novel study sheds light on immigration status and workplace health

Insight, WorkSafe BC newsletter Niloufar Saffari February 1
Seniors in U.S., Canada skip prescriptions due to cost

UPI – similar stories appeared in The Canadian Press, News 1130, The Huffington Post, 24 Hours Toronto, Nanaimo News Now, Peace Arch News, Ming Pao, Sing Tao, Benefits Canada, CTV, Yahoo! Finance , The Toronto Star, Metro News, The Globe and Mail, The Indo-Canadian Voice, Castanet, News-Medical, Surrey Now, 24 hours, Global News, Global News (starts at 22.40), and Vancouver Sun Steve Morgan February 1
Public Health & Preventive Medicine Resident Profile — Sian Tsuei

Resident Doctors of B.C. Sian Tsuei January
Why pain education is linked to B.C.’s fentanyl crisis

CBC Kate Smolina January 31
Naloxone still an important tool to fight fentanyl crisis, expert says

CBC Jane Buxton January 30
Fixing fentanyl with naloxone alone won’t work

CBC Judy Illes January 29
Canada’s new arrivals develop new allergies, study finds

On The Coast, CBC Hind Sbihi and Jiayun (Angela) Yao January 28
Empowering people, reducing harms

Wall Papers Jane Buxton January 27
Promote an attachment between mother and baby even behind bars

Radio Canada Ruth Elwood Martin January 27
Allergy rates among new immigrants increase the longer they live in Canada

The Indo-Canadian Voice Hind Sbihi and Jiayun (Angela) Yao January 27
UBC study finds allergy rates among immigrants increase the longer they settle

Vancouver Sun – similar stories appeared in The Georgia Straight, Fairchild Radio (AM1470) and Ming Pao News Canada Hind Sbihi and Jiayun (Angela) Yao

January 27
Can you reduce stress simply by going to the park?

Roundhouse Radio Matilda van den Bosch January 23
Calls for medically safe heroin mount in Canada

The Lancet World Report Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes January 21
We can’t afford to wait: We need opioid alternatives for pain

The Globe and Mail Kate Smolina January 20
Stressed? Park it — public health experts will thank you

Metro News Matilda van den Bosch January 19
Are naloxone kits really necessary for funeral workers?

Global News Michael Krausz January 18
Vancouver touts green scene as report finds living near a park is good for your health

Vancouver Sun Matilda van den Bosch January 18
B.C. program handed out 220% more naloxone kits in 2016 than last 3 years combined

CBC Jane Buxton January 18
In British Columbia, demand for naloxone kits soars as fentanyl crisis continues

The Globe and Mail Jane Buxton January 16
New study finds HIV treatment could contribute to syphilis outbreak

The Canadian Press, similar stories appeared in
International Business Times, CBC, The Georgia Straight, News 1130,, Daily Mail, HealthDay, Radio Canada International, La Presse, The Pharmaceutical Journal,
Inquisitr, Outbreak News Todayand iTechPost
Michael Rekart January 16
Rare public hearing highlights concerns over explosion of high-priced specialty drugs in Canada

The Globe and Mail Steve Morgan January 15
The High Cost of Pharmaceuticals: Canada’s Drug Problem

fifth estate, CBC Steve Morgan January 13
1 in 10 Canadians can’t afford prescriptions: the case for national pharmacare

The Current, CBC Steve Morgan January 13
Trump takes on big pharma

CBC Steve Morgan January 12
Fact check: Could bilateral health deals harm overall system?

CTV News Steve Morgan January 12
Billions wasted on drug spending in Canada, exclusive research shows

CBC fifth estate Steve Morgan January 12
B.C. experts gauge bottom line of new drugs

Business Vancouver Wei Zhang January 10
B.C. won’t cover hepatitis C drug that’s possible cure for woman infected with tainted blood

CBC Go Public Steve Morgan January 9
Opinion: Response to B.C.’s overdose crisis must adopt international best practices

Vancouver Sun Michael Krausz December 30
Prescription opioid use grew in B.C. ahead of overdose crisis: study

Vancouver Sun Kate Smolina December 27
Canadian crowdsourced toboggan directory gets Reddit style upgrade

Cantech Letter Mariana Brussoni December 27
De sacs de couchage-incubateurs pour bébés Indiens conçus à l’UBC

Radio-Canada Farah Shroff December 24
Experts weigh in on B.C.’s loan program for first-time homebuyers

The Globe and Mail Paul Kershaw December 22
He has rescued more than 100 from overdose

The Leader Jane Buxton, Mark Tyndall December 22
Montreal woman defends late-term abortion: ‘We want everyone to know the baby was having problems’

Ottawa Citizen Wendy Norman December 22
What It’s Like to Be Forced to Take Anti-Psychotic Drugs

Vice Michael Krausz December 20
Addiction experts discuss solutions to opioid overdose crisis

The Current Mark Haden December 20
B.C. coroner, police, politicians issue overdose alert after 11 deaths

City News Mark Tyndall December 16
Prescription drug spending reaches $29.4B in Canada

CBC News Steve Morgan December 16
Vancouver is rat central according to pest-control company

Metro News Kaylee Byers December 16
Canada’s move to ban asbestos a ‘win for public health’ but long overdue: advocates

The Globe and Mail Mieke Koehoorn December 15
Prevention of drug overdoses saves lives and must not be illegal

The Globe and Mail Mark Tyndall December 15
Canada ‘falls short’ in treating First Nations patients, says country’s 1st female Indigenous surgeon

CBC Nadine Caron December 13
Une médecin de UBC aide les nouveaux-nés en Inde

Radio-Canada Farah Shroff December 13
Annonce pour les centres d’injections/prévention

Radio-Canada John Carsley December 12
Nadine Caron | Canada’s 1st female Indigenous surgeon

The National, CBC Nadine Caron December 12
Premiers stand firm against Ottawa’s plan to change health care funding

Roundhouse Radio Steve Morgan December 10
Young workers’ wage and job situation placing market at risk

Canadian Real Estate Wealth Paul Kershaw December 9
Dr. Nadine Caron says northern B.C. needs a biobank to be part of the next wave of medical research

CBC Daybreak North Nadine Caron December 7
Citizen panel calls on Ottawa to provide universal pharmacare plan for Canadians

The Canadian Press Steve Morgan December 6
Study Finds Outdoor Air Pollution Kills More Than 5 Million People Every Year, Shows Need for Industrial Air Filtration Solutions

Yahoo! Michael Brauer December 5
Interview about cycling research

BikeLikeMe, Co-op Radio Kay Teschke December 3
Ottawa discusses a national drug plan and a large HIV vaccine trial gets underway: CBC’s Health Newsletter

CBC Steve Morgan December 3
What Happens if Young People Never Buy Homes?

Vice Paul Kershaw November 27
Opinion: Zero tolerance for cannabis and driving makes zero sense

Vancouver Sun Stephanie Lake November 25
Toronto tolls may pave the way for road pricing in Metro Vancouver

News 1130 Lawrence Frank November 25
Opinion: Private, for-profit sector biggest source of waste in Canadian health care

Vancouver Sun Steve Morgan, Michael Law November 25
Women of the year: 12 Canadians who rocked 2016

Chatelaine Nadine Caron November 24

Rat Surveillance (12:42)

CBC News Kaylee Byers, Michael Lee November 23

Federal policy paper on housing gives short shrift to young people, expert says

Vancouver Sun Paul Kershaw November 23
City of Vancouver interested in rat surveillance program

CBC News Michael Lee, Kaylee Byers November 22
Saskatoon prof. hopes event highlights and destigmatize research of psychedelic drugs

Saskatoon StarPhoenix Mark Haden November 21
‘I was tricked’: Loblaws shopper says she was secretly signed up for credit card

CBC News David Silver November 21
On the lookout for rats

Vancouver Courier Michael Lee, Chelsea Himsworth, Kaylee Byers November 18
Everyday Hero: Dr. Nadine Caron Canada’s first female First Nations’ surgeon

Global News Nadine Caron, Martin Schechter November 18
Sing Tao Interview Unofficial translation

Sing Tao Kay Teschke November 17
Prescription Drug Prices Have Americans Looking To Canada

Huff Post Business Steve Morgan November 17

B.C. has second-highest hospitalization rate for opioid painkiller poisonings: Report

Vancouver Sun Perry Kendall November 16
Canadian kids not getting enough exercise, score a D- in report card

Vancouver Sun Mariana Brussoni November 16
Want people to stop dying from overdoses? Give them clean drugs, says UBC prof

CKNW News Talk Mark Haden November 16
On the origins of scientists: Disease detective Jennifer Gardy

Ubyssey Jennifer Gardy November 15
Dr. Naveed Zafar Janjua on Impact of Hepatitis C Treatment Timing on HCC Risk

OncLive Naveed Janjua November 14
No easy answers for dealing with medical marijuana in the workplace, say B.C. experts

Vancouver Sun Mark Haden November 14
Concerns raised over technology used to exonerate AIDS ‘Patient Zero’

Daily Xtra Mark Gilbert November 9
Addiction experts call for strategy to curb opioid overprescribing, reduce overdoses

CTV News Toronto Mark Tyndall November 8
This is why Canada has the second-highest medication costs in the world

National Post Steve Morgan November 7
Some kids live to give their parents gray hair

Reading Eagle Mariana Brussoni November 6
How would public health officials deal with a zombie apocalypse?

Global News Jennifer Gardy October 31
Focus on innovation, not more cash, to improve health care in Canada: doctor

Vancouver Sun Steve Morgan October 31
Children born to incarcerated mothers do well if allowed to bond: researcher

Times Colonist Amy Salmon October 28
Brazil’s Psychedelic Rehab Center Treats Drug Addicts With Ayahuasca

Motherboard, Vice Research cited October 28
CRA recovers over $240M from housing audits in B.C. and Ontario

Canadian Real Estate Wealth Paul Kershaw October 26
Emotionally vulnerable children on the rise in B.C., study says

CBC News, similar stories in Global, the Vancouver Sun, The Province, Metro News, 24 Hours Vancouver, and Roundhouse Radio Martin Guhn, Kimberly Schonert-Reichl October 26
The Convict that Rocks the Cradle: Raising Kids in Canada’s Prisons

Vice Ruth Elwood Martin

October 26

These Are the Zombies You Actually Need to Worry About

Motherboard, Vice Jennifer Gardy October 26
Moms and babies ‘actually do very well’ together in prison, researcher says

CBC News Amy Salmon October 25
While zombies may be purely sci-fi, a viral pandemic may not be so farfetched

CFAX 1070 Jennifer Gardy October 24
Canadian physician debunks Donald Trump’s ‘glaring and obvious’ abortion ignorance

Metro Vancouver Wendy Norman October 20
Kids are built to get over it: UBC injury research

News 1130 Mariana Brussoni October 23
Tips on surviving the zombie apocalypse

The Georgia Straight Jennifer Gardy, David Patrick October 19
Hip fracture deaths more likely at smaller hospitals, Canadian study finds

Toronto Star [Katie Sheehan, Boris Sobolev, Lisa Kuramoto, Jason Sutherland] October 17
Deaths from hip fractures more common in smaller hospitals: study

CTV News Katie Sheehan October 17
B.C. regulators plan to let pharmacists distribute abortion pills

The Globe and Mail Wendy Norman October 17
Abortion pill dispensing by doctors and not pharmacists could hinder access: CMAJ comment

CBC News Wendy Norman October 17
Helicopter parenting puts kids at a disadvantage

24 hours Vancouver Mariana Brussoni October 13
A new synthetic alcohol promises good times drinking without the headaches and hangovers

CBC Mark Haden October 11
The Disproportionate Stress Plaguing American Teachers,

The Atlantic Eva Oberle October 7
Chronique de santé publique : L’importance de l’enfance

Boulevard du Pacifique Farah Shroff October 5
Proust questionnaire

BCMJ David Patrick October 3
Funding boost for overdose crisis: Premier Christy Clark

Indo-Canadian Voice Evan Wood September 29
B.C. economist says price of Metro Vancouver houses will keep climbing

Vancouver Sun Paul Kershaw September 27
Science Says Let Your Kid Push Boundaries

Parents Mariana Brussoni September 26
UBC is giving out opioid antidote kits. Here’s how they work,

The Ubyssey Jane Buxton September 19
Our air quality won’t improve until this one thing happens,

South China Morning Post Michael Brauer September 16
A grain of sand: Why fentanyl is so deadly

CBC News Evan Wood September 15
Prescription heroin gets green light in Canada for in severe opioid addiction

WTVR CBS 6 News Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes September 14
Comox-Helmcken Greenway well worth the investment, UBC study finds

Vancouver Sun Larry Frank September 13
People before profits: Flipping Vancouver’s real estate market on its head,

Metro News Paul Kershaw September 9
In the best, and worst, of health: Survey rates neighbourhoods in Metro Vancouver

Vancouver Sun Jat Sandhu September 8
Air pollution costs trillions and holds back poor countries, says World Bank

Guardian Michael Brauer September 8
Expert advice to help students and parents make healthy back-to-school plans

Ottawa Citizen Louise Masse September 6
Stress in the classroom can be as contagious as the flu

Quartz Kimberly Schonert-Reichl, Eva Oberle September 6
Drug users ashamed and afraid to seek help, aiding fentanyl crisis

CBC News Jane Buxton September 2
Vancouver mayor and B.C. health minister say it’s time for Ottawa to repeal Harper’s anti-Insite law

The Georgia Straight Perry Kendall, Patricia Daly, Michael Krausz August 31
The time is right to spark easier electronic-cigarette access

Globe & Mail Mark Tyndall August 30
Folic acid fortified foods linked to drop in heart defects in newborns, research suggests

National Post K.S. Joseph August 30
Folic acid fortified foods linked to drop in heart defects in newborns: study

Vancouver Metro K.S. Joseph August 30
Folic acid may protect against congenital heart defects

Medical News Today K.S. Joseph August 30
Heart birth defects dropped after folic acid was added to food

US News & World Report K.S. Joseph August 30
Health staff aware inmate who died of overdose ‘intoxicated,’ took pills, says report

CBC Evan Wood August 25
5 recent children’s health studies that you should read

Romper Mariana Brussoni August 24
VPD apprehensions under the Mental Health Act level off but remain high,

Georgia Straight Thomas Kerr August 24
The all-too common story of first nation people in hospital care

CBC Daybreak North Nadine Caron August 17
British Columbia’s failed experiment in primary-care reform

Globe & Mail Kimberly McGrail August 16
Genomics: Finding a faster way to diagnose TB

CBC Jennifer Gardy August 11
Breakenridge: We should put the brakes on extending cycling helmet laws to adults

Calgary Harold Kay Teschke August 9
Bloor Street bike lanes, Bad Girls Bike Club attracting female cyclists

CBC Kay Teschke August 5
If you want to study disease, the olympics are where to be

Wired Jennifer Gardy August 4
Opinion: Thousands of Canadians with chronic conditions denied life-saving treatments

Vancouver Sun Heather Palis August 3
Opinion: Speed limit increases prove deadly, should be reversed

Vancouver Sun Kay Teschke July 27
Cyclists and streetcar tracks don’t mix

Tree Hugger Kay Teschke July 27
Study advises Surrey to keep LRT lines and bike routes separate

Surrey Now Kay Teschke July 27
Ryerson University and UBC study shows streetcar tracks increase the risk of bicycle crashes

Inside Toronto July 27
One-third of bicycle crashes in downtown Toronto involve streetcar tracks

Globe & Mail Kay Teschke July 26
UBC and Ryerson university study links streetcar tracks to bicycle crashes

Georgia Straight Kay Teschke July 26
Extreme heat a ‘silent killer’ in poorest Vancouver areas Metro News Sarah Henderson June 29
Teacher burnout linked to students’ stress: study CTV News) Eva Oberle June 29
Would Miss Manners swear if she saw a rat? Vancouver Sun Chelsea Hemsworth June 28
People in hotter, poorer neighbourhoods at higher risk of death during extreme heat: study News 1130 Sarah Henderson June 28
Heat exposure deadly in areas of poverty and more concrete, fewer trees: UBC researchers Vancouver Sun Sarah Henderson June 28
Your teacher’s stress may rub off on you Teen Vogue Eva Oberle June 28
Are teachers passing their stress to students? Global News Eva Oberle June 27
Substance abuse support designed for needs of LGBT youth, The Star Basia Paula June 27
P.E.I. doctor warns about dangers of overmedication CBC Steve Morgan June 24
Vancouver clinic prescribes medical-grade heroin to chronic addicts Ottawa Citizen Eugenia Oviedo-Jokes June 23
Parenting today: Nature inspires creative play North Shore News Marianna Brussoni June 22
Doctors prescribing risky drugs to seniors, costing Canada up to $1.8 billion per year: UBC study

Vancouver Sun Steve Morgan June 22
More than $400M a year spent in Canada on drugs that harm seniors: study

CTVSteve Morgan June 22
Harmful medication prescribing to Canadian seniors costs $419M a year

CBC Steve Morgan June 22
Risky medications for seniors CBC Steve Morgan June 22
Canada must deal with harmful drugs for seniors with national strategy: study Metro News Steve Morgan June 22
Can risks during play lead to better health for kids? Global News Marianna Brussoni June 20
Canada must deal with harmful drugs for seniors with national strategy: study 680 News Steve Morgan June 22
Increased testing reveals cluster of HIV cases in north Okanagan CBC Trevor Corneil June 20
Douglas Todd: ‘Men’s work’ often comes with high risk Vancouver Sun Mieke Koehoorn June 18
Vaccine will spell the end of cervical cancer, experts predict Vancouver Sun Gina Ogilvie June 15
Rising urban rat population pose health risks to humans, says researcher, CBC Chelsea Himsworth June 14
Pension reformers urged to consider younger Canadians Globe & Mail Paul Kershaw June 12
Movement afoot: How getting from point A to point B under our own steam is making a comeback North Shore News Kay Teschke June 11
Bike lanes, not helmets, make cycling safer Winnipeg Free Press Researcher not cited June 9
Millennials face being locked out of Vancouver home ownership Business News Network Paul Kershaw June 8
Women’s period seen as barrier to medical research CBC Jerilynn Prior June 6
Severe anxiety in new mothers outpaces depression Vancouver Sun Nichole Fairbrother June 6
Prince’s death brings new attention to rising fentanyl overdoses in Canada and U.S. Yahoo News Jane Buxton June 3
Vancouver users feel judged by doctors: study 24 Hours Heather Palis June 1
Providing clean opioids could reduce deaths, B.C. experts say Vancouver Sun Mark Haden May 31
Bike to work week CBC Kay Teschke May 31
That new superbug was found in a UTI and that’s key Wired Amee Manges May 27
Lower mainland’s lack of affordable housing widespread, report finds, Globe & Mail Paul Kershaw May 25
Older women more likely to be prescribed inappropriate drugs: study, Globe & Mail) Steve Morgan May 23
Little if any heroin left in Vancouver, all fentanyl: drug advocates, CTV News Jane Buxton May 22
Testing just a first step to solving lead problems in B.C. schools’ water, Vancouver Sun Farah Shroff May 21
Fentanyl pushes heroin off the streets in Vancouver The Globe and Mail Jane Buxton May 22
The World’s Most Polluted Cities MSN News Michael Brauer May 19
Cycling in Cities; Sustainable Region series Metro Vancouver) Kay Teschke May 18
Medical community failing Lyme patients, Calgary doctor says Ottawa Citizen) David Patrick May 16
Older women more likely to be prescribed wrong drugs than men, new study finds Mirror Steve Morgan May 9
Artificial turf (start at 1:15:44) CBC On the Coast Trevor Dummer May 9
Vancouver Park Board tries new artificial turf following cancer claims, CBC online Trevor Dummer May 9
Meningitis vaccination battle in B.C. gets a boost Peninsula News Review Monika Naus May 5
Elderly women more likely to be over-prescribed prescription drugs: UBC study CKNW Steve Morgan May 5
Elderly women more likely to be overprescribed meds than men: study News 1130 Steve Morgan May 5
Senior women more likely overprescribed drugs than men: UBC study Vancouver Sun Steve Morgan May 5
Older women more likely to be overprescribed inappropriate drugs: Study UPI Steve Morgan May 5
Elderly women more likely to be prescribed medication, study shows CBC Steve Morgan May 5
Comment: Why Victoria needs more cycling infrastructure Times Colonist Kay Teschke May 1
Inside an epidemic Globe & Mail Jane Buxton April 29
Stationary bikes in the classroom: Are we spinning out of control? Globe & Mail Kimberly Schonert-Reichl April 28
Residents feel abandoned biosolids battle News Kamloops Karen Bartlett April 28
Nova Scotia could spur growth with youth-focused budget The Chronicle Herald Paul Kershaw April 27
First Canadian case of sexually transmitted Zika virus detected in Ontario Global News David Patrick April 25
‘Abortion pill’ restrictions go too far, professor says CBC News Wendy Norman April 22
B.C. scientists to auction off LSD images to raise money for PTSD study Vancouver Sun Mark Haden April 22
Q&A with UBC prof M-J Milloy on aims of new pot-use study CBC News M-J Milloy April 20
Editorial: What is Health Canada thinking on the abortion pill? Ottawa Citizen Wendy Norman April 20
Home abortion pill about to hit market in Canada, but has already garnered criticism National Post Wendy Norman April 19
Two pregnant women among seven B.C. residents who test positive for Zika virus Globe & Mail David Patrick April 19
Two pregnant women diagnosed with Zika in BC News 1130 David Patrick April 19
Zika virus detected in 2 pregnant B.C. women CBC News David Patrick April 19
Pharmacare advocates go to bat at health committee iPolitics Steve Morgan April 18
Zika virus detected in seven B.C. residents, including two pregnant women Vancouver Sun David Patrick April 18
Parts of BC cause double the healthcare burden of others, says study CanTech Letter Hans Krueger April 15
Vancouver MP calls for national prescription drug plan CBC News Steve Morgan April 15
Provincial health officer declares public health emergency BC Gov News Perry Kendall April 14
Increase in overdose deaths prompts B.C. to declare health emergency CBC News Perry Kendall April 14
Impulsivity impacts teen smoking: study 24 Hours Carolyn Gotay April 13
Adding natural elements to playgrounds can help depression in kids: study CTV News Mariana Brussoni April 13
Kids happier in play spaces with elements of nature, study suggests Globe & Mail Mariana Brussoni April 12
Kids more active, less depressed when playgrounds include natural elements Medical Xpress Mariana Brussoni April 12
Opioids: A national crisis needs a federal response Globe & Mail Pauline Voon April 11
After meningitis death, a question: When should parents seek doctor’s care? Chicago Tribune Michael Burgess April 11
Narcotic pain medication could be alternative treatment for heroin users The Guardian Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes April 7
Opioid Painkiller May Be New Treatment for Heroin Addicts U.S. News Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes April 6
Vancouver researchers find pain medication can work as treatment for severe heroin addiction Georgia Straight Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes April 6
The Two Faces of Fish Oil The Scientist Rachel Murphy April 1
Over-the-counter remedies aren’t a good choice for preschoolers: Health Canada Vancouver Sun Stephen Hoption Cann March 30
Opinion: Remarkable progress has been made in cancer prevention Vancouver Sun Barbara Kaminsky March 30
Preterm Births Linked to Air Pollution Costs Billions in the U.S. Time Michael Brauer March 29
Unlocking the Mechanics of the Urinary Tract Infection The Atlantic Amee Manges March 23
2016 federal budget leaves young families, millennials out in the cold, say critics Global News Paul Kershaw March 23
Are playgrounds too safe?  The Weal Mariana Brussoni March 22
For older adults with dementia, transitions in care can increase risk for serious problems Science Codex UBC Centre for Health Services and Policy Research March 22
Buy travel health insurance, end up with less coverage: A couple’s hard lesson CBC News Steve Morgan March 20
Lesbian, gay, bisexual Canadians report higher rates of mental health issues Science Codex Basia Pakula March 18
UBC study finds mood and anxiety disorder rates differ between gay, lesbian, and bisexual people Georgia Straight Basia Pakula March 18
Canada lagging behind many OECD countries in paternity leave Globe & Mail Paul Kershaw March 17
How your surroundings could be killing you Time Michael Brauer March 15
Richmond made a playground risky. Now another community is following suit. Huffington Post Mariana Brussoni March 14
Vancouver-area municipality considers adding more risks to playgrounds CTV News Mariana Brussoni March 14
Home births are safe and help save money Newspaper Post Patricia Janssen March 10
Down payments keep millennials on other side of home ownership fence Globe & Mail Paul Kershaw March 9
Dentists urged to back off on antibiotics 24 Hours Fawziah Marra March 8
Journal permanently spikes Canadian co-authored study critical of HPV vaccine National Post Monika Naus March 8
This indicator on housing affordability is a lot less rosy than Ottawa’s Globe & Mail Paul Kershaw March 3
100 times stronger than fentanyl: New peril looms for B.C. drug users in painkiller W-18 The Province Mark Haden March 3
5 women who are making a difference in the health of Vancouver residents Georgia Straight Patricia Daly & Kate Shannon March 2
How pharmacies are finding new revenue Toronto Star Steve Morgan March 2
Free tuition is good. But it’s just a start. Maclean’s Paul Kershaw March 2
Physical health and wellbeing among biggest issues for primary students in SD 59 Alaska Highway News Human Early Learning Partnership February 29
Five things the federal government needs to do on the marijuana file CFRA 580 Mark Haden February 24
Supreme Court Events Leave Fate of Clean Power Plan Uncertain National Geographic Michael Brauer February 18
Budget Housing Promises Fail to Address ‘Massive Unaffordability’: Experts The Tyee Paul Kershaw February 18
MSP premiums not ‘entirely fair’, Premier Clark admits Metro News Kim McGrail February 17
B.C. women might be delaying having babies due to cost of living VanCityBuzz Paul Kershaw February 17
B.C. budget falls short of addressing affordability crisis: housing experts 680 News Paul Kershaw February 17
B.C. budget splashes money around for all, except those who need it most Globe & Mail Paul Kershaw February 17
How busy families can stay connected North Shore News Anne Gadermann February 17
Stop wasting money on brand-name drugs Vox Steve Morgan February 16
Ford Spent $40 Million to Reshape Asbestos Science Vice Kay Teschke February 16
BC Budget Thaws Nine-year Freeze on Disability Assistance Payments The Tyee Paul Kershaw February 16
India and China Have Most Deaths From Pollution India Real Time Michael Brauer February 16
B.C moms give birth later than rest of Canada 24 Hours Paul Kershaw February 16
Opinion: B.C. drunk on high housing prices Vancouver Sun Paul Kershaw February 16
Overdose deaths bring recommendations Kamloops This Week Jane Buxton February 15
B.C overdose strategy calls for life saving drug to be more widely available Metro News Jane Buxton February 15
Make an antidote to opioids more available: report News1130 Jane Buxton February 15
MSP premiums are ‘unfair’ and ‘inefficient’ says health policy expert CBC News Steve Morgan February 15
Study: Air Pollution Kills More Than 5.5 Million Annually The Weather Channel Michael Brauer February 15
Air pollution blamed for 5.5 million deaths annually. What are India, China doing? Christian Science Monitor Michael Brauer February 13
Air pollution takes a deadly toll CBC News Michael Brauer February 13
New mothers sought for study at UBCO The Daily Courier Nichole Fairbrother February 12
Antidepressant Effexor Linked to Postpartum Bleeding in Study Health Day Gillian Hanley February 12
Air Pollution Kills More Than 5 Million People Around the World Every Year Time Michael Brauer February 12
5.5 Million People Will Die This Year From Air Pollution U.S. News Michael Brauer February 12
Air Pollution Warning: Contamination ‘killing five million people’ each year Sunday Express Michael Brauer February 12
Air pollution is killing more than five million people a year and must be stopped Mirror Michael Brauer February 12
More than 5 million people will die from a frightening cause: Breathing The Washington Post Michael Brauer February 12
The tiny changes air pollution makes inside you BBC News Chris Carlsten & Jeremy Hirota February 11
New study shows mandatory bike helmet laws don’t make a difference but infrastructure does Tree Hugger Kay Teschke February 10
Pregnant women exposure to pollution linked to risk of asthma TopNews Hind Sbihi February 10
Nova Scotia’s seniors’ pharmacare needs to overhaul, not tinkering CBC News Steve Morgan February 10
CPP reform is needed, say groups representing younger, older Canadians CBC News Paul Kershaw February 10
Air pollution exposure during pregnancy linked to asthma risk Global News Hind Sbihi February 9
Link between air pollution and early-onset asthma (video) Global News Hind Sbihi February 9
Air pollution increases asthma risk in babies The Times of India Hind Sbihi February 9
Asthma link to traffic pollution exposure during pregnancy Irish Examiner Hind Sbihi February 9
Common antidepressants increase risk of postpartum hemorrhage Vancouver Sun Gillian Hanley February 9
Babies exposed to air pollution in womb more likely to develop asthma: UBC study Metro News Hind Sbihi February 9
31 UBC professors appointed Canada Research Chairs in $27 million boost for school Vancouver Sun Annalee Yassi February 9
Canada’s generic drug prices remain high but are dropping: study iPolitics Steve Morgan February 9
Hawaii Declares State of Emergency To Fight Dengue Fever And Zika Huffington Post Lyle Petersen February 8
Why would someone stay with their abuser? Global News Patricia Janssen February 5
Reduced readmission rates: A way to lower health costs? BC Medical Journal Jason Sutherland February 3
Why this year’s flu season is off to a slow, nearly non-existent start Global News Danuta Skowronski February 2
A spot for your pot? Medical marijuana producers want clear advertising rules from Ottawa National Post Mark Haden January 31
Limiting readmissions at hospitals in BC would save big money: report News 1130 Jason Sutherland January 30
Why you don’t need to worry about the Zika virus Toronto Sun David Patrick January 29
Zika virus ‘spreading explosively’ in North and South America Vancouver Sun David Patrick January 28
Don’t expect travel bans to countries hit by the Zika virus News 1130 David Patrick January 28
WorkSafeBC studies non-auditory impacts of noise Journal of Commerce Hugh Davies & Murray Hodgson January 28
Rats a true health risk on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, homeless advocate says The Province Chelsea Himsworth January 27
Zika virus unlikely to hit Canada: expert News 1130 David Patrick January 26
What you need to know about the Zika virus and its hardy and resourceful carrier Globe and Mail David Patrick January 26
Surging real estate makes $2.3M for B.C. cabinet as affordability worsens CTV News Paul Kershaw January 25
Rats a real risk to Metro Vancouver residents, UBC prof says The Province Chelsea Himsworth  January 24
National pharmacare program tops coalition’s wishlist for health care reforms CBC News Steve Morgan January 20
Canadian families pushing for a rare diseases national strategy Toronto Star Steve Morgan January 20
Painting a more accurate picture of national obesity rates to fuel effective health interventions (audio) Canadian Institutes of Health Research Louise Masse January 18
Ultrasound’s ‘traumatic’ spinoff: ‘Accidental’ live births after late-term abortions due to birth defects National Post Wendy Norman January 17
Ottawa seeks to join provinces to cut cost of prescription drugs Globe & Mail Steve Morgan January 17
Rise in rat population a threat to human health says UBC study CBC News Chelsea Himsworth January 14
Rats pose health threat to poultry and humans, study says MedicalXPress Chelsea Himsworth January 14
B.C. to push Ottawa for changes to health funding allocation Metro News Kim McGrail January 12
Comment: The case for supervised injection, treatment Times Colonist Mary Clare Kennedy January 8
Doctors and policymakers across Canada call for a national drug plan Regina Leader Post Steve Morgan January 7
Value of premier’s home up $160K as housing affordability woes deepen CTV News Paul Kershaw January 6
Frontline care providers call for Health Canada to look at nasal form of overdose antidote Georgia Straight Jane Buxton January 6
Young people in B.C. face future of inherited challenges Globe & Mail Paul Kershaw January 5
Donations increasingly funding B.C. school 24 Hours Farah Shroff January 5
Why a cold winter won’t slow Vancouver’s booming rat population CBC News Chelsea Himsworth January 5

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