Program Details

The MHSc program is adapted towards students who have an MD and want to gain research experience by applying epidemiological and statistical methods to a major paper under the supervision of a faculty member.

The program consists of:

  • 30 academic credits minimum
  • A comprehensive exam
  • A major paper
  • Full-time or part-time option


Full-time students must enroll for at least one calendar year (September to August).

Students pursue course work in clinical research skills. These skills will include survey and questionnaire design and analysis, systematic reviews, clinical trial design, data analysis and presentation. Qualitative as well as program and economic evaluation methodology courses are available. The underlying precepts for all courses are critical thinking skills. There will be an opportunity to explore health policy and population health concepts but not in depth due to the limited number of credits needed to graduate.

If greater flexibility is desired by the student, the program of study can be modified in consultation with the program director. All students are expected to participate in the ongoing evaluation of courses and programs. Students’ experiences and suggestions are an important part of ongoing quality improvement.

The degree granted will read Master of Health Science. At graduation, the student will be able to carry out clinical research in their area of specialization, as an independent researcher or a member of a research team.