Program Feedback Sessions

At least once a year, and typically once a term (you’ll be notified when), a meeting of the students is held to allow concerns or kudos about any of the following to be expressed in a group setting:

  • the overall content of the program,
  • the connections and any overlaps between courses,
  • non-course learning opportunities (mentoring, advising, conferences), and
  • programmatic issues (administration, comprehensive exams, co-op placements, theses).

The purpose of this is to provide feedback to the Program staff and faculty to guide improvements in the overall curriculum and program.

One student is appointed to take notes from the feedback session. The main points are raised at a special meeting of the faculty to deal with curriculum and teaching issues.

This feedback session is not meant to address concerns about individual courses. Such concerns can be expressed to the course instructor at any time, to your faculty advisor or supervisor, or in end of term course evaluations.

Please do not feel that you have to wait to express any comments or concerns!!

You can talk to the Program Manager or any SPPH faculty at ANY time! Our faculty members are genuinely interested in receiving comments and feedback, and may be able to make adjustments to material/delivery if there is a problem. You’ll find our faculty very easy going and receptive to ideas – feel free to talk to them!