The Program has teaching and research facilities in the School of Population and Public Health building at 2206 East Mall, centrally located on the University of British Columbia Point Grey campus in Vancouver. The University is home to over 45,000 students and maintains extensive library, computer, and research facilities.

Our facilities include comprehensive exposure assessment laboratories for the analysis of a wide range of chemical, physical, and biological agents. These facilities, including field survey and laboratory analysis instrumentation, are available to students and faculty for teaching, research and projects. Laboratory facilities, equipment and consultation are also available to outside agencies on a fee-for-service basis.

Research facilities include specialized laboratories for the study of

  • acoustics
  • airborne pollutants
  • biological hazards including bioaerosols
  • pulmonary function

Major laboratory renovations were undertaken in 2001 and 2002 with funding from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), UBC’s Centre for Environmental Research in Minerals, Metals and Materials (CERM3), and the Ministry of Health. The Environmental Bioaerosol Exposure Laboratory was completed in 2001 and is capable of handling Class II biohazards.

The lab facilities are used extensively for teaching, including:

  • Instruction of our students
  • Instruction of other UBC students, e.g., from Mining Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Experimental Medicine, Animal Sciences, and Biotechnology
  • Safety training of UBC staff conducted by UBC’s Risk Management Services

The Laboratory also has partnerships with the provincial Health Authorities and the Ministry of Environment.