Scholarships & Funding

There are numerous ways that MSc OEH graduate students can earn income during their graduate studies.


Research assistantships. Individual professors may have research projects for which they require students as research assistants (sometimes directly related to the student’s own thesis research). It is best to speak to individual faculty members about these possibilities. Some positions are advertised on the School website here.

Teaching assistantships. OEH students who have completed the first year of graduate courses may apply for teaching assistantships. Each assistantship pays $1,000 to $4,500 per term per course depending on the number of hours required per week.

Work Study Positions. Faculty members,the Laboratory and the School office sometimes offer “work study” placements, available to students who have student loans. These positions are posted and filled at the beginning of the academic year (term 1). A more detailed description of this program is available on the UBC Student Services website.

Should students chose the Co-Op Option of the MSc OEH program, you will be eligible for the Co-op employment. This is a 3 to 4 month paid work placement required of students who choose the project option. It is usually done in the summer between the first and second years of study.

Scholarships, awards & prizes

All students chould check the following sites for information about awards:

  • the Occupational and Environmental Health Theme webpage about travel awards specific to our theme
  • the School Awards & Funding webpage for information about fellowship programs (many highly apropos to our students), scholarships and prizes,
  • the Faculty of Graduate Studies Graduate Awards website.

Our graduate students, especially thesis students, have been successful in obtaining number of the large university, provincial, and national awards, offering stipends of $16,000 per annum or more. Students with strong academic records should apply. Many of these awards have deadlines in the fall and spring prior to entry into a graduate program, so you may need to apply early. Feel free to ask for help from faculty members to complete your application.

Special awards available to Occupational & Environmental Hygiene students

  • Graduate Support Initiative (GSI): The most meritorious students, domestic or international, entering either the School are eligible for consideration for University of British Columbia awards or funding. These awards include the Graduate Entrance Scholarship (GES) and the Four Year Doctoral Fellowship. The admissions committee of considers every application for these awards. The monetary value and number of awards available for distribution varies each year.
  • AL Riegert Award. Given to the full-time student with the highest average in 15 credits of a minimum of 18 core course credits taken in the first year of the MSc program. ~$1000