Friday Academic Day

In order to foster a community of scholars, Friday mornings during the Fall and Winter terms are considered “academic days” in which all students are expected to participate. The breadth of topics at Grand Rounds provides insights into the context and methods of the many disciplines of the School’s research and teaching. Attendance is an important means to engage in cross-disciplinary learning and interact with colleagues.

Attendance at Grand Rounds is recommended for PhD and MSc students in the first two years of their program. The only exception is for students carrying out fieldwork away from Vancouver.

Friday Academic Day consists of:

  • Grand Rounds: the School’s monthly seminar series, which runs during the academic year. Presenters include both faculty and guest speakers.
  • Research in Progress (SPPH507 and SPPH 607) provides in-depth discussion of student research as well as exposure to special topics such as ethics and management of research, supervisory committee dynamics, and methodological issues. Interdisciplinarity is a key focus to foster understanding and respect for differing methods and research contexts.
  • Journal Club provides students with an opportunity to hone their critical appraisal skills and apply their growing research expertise by extending their capacity to apply published research to practice.