Laboratory Safety

Safety Rules

It is important that all individuals using the lab review the SPPH OEH Safety Manual (2012 edition).

Individuals not in compliance with the following basic rules will be asked to leave the laboratory at once:

  • NO SANDALS allowed in the lab (footwear must cover the whole foot)
  • NO EATING OR DRINKING allowed in the lab
  • NO HORSEPLAY allowed in the lab
  • Those working with wet chemicals must wear safety eyewear and a lab coat


  • All students planning to take SPPH 562 should take the Laboratory Chemical Safety course offered through UBC Risk Management Services.
  • All staff on the third floor must participate in the Safety Manual Orientation and familiarize themselves with the UBC Policies listed above.
  • When new hires are issued keys, they will have to sit with the Lab Manager for 1.5 hours to go through the health and safety manual and then pass a short test.

  • Shower and Eye Wash Stations - main entrance of the Main Lab
  • Spill Kit - left side of middle bench by entrance of Main Lab
  • First Aid Kits - Main Lab/cabinet outside of front office (372)

  • Report all spills to the Lab Manager. Do not clean up the spill yourself.
  • See Laboratory Safety Manual for procedures for proper waste disposal. All equipment, including refrigerator, containing ozone-depleting substances, must be properly disposed of through Supply Management

  • Students are asked to not sign for any shipments; however, if you must, ask if the package contains Dangerous Goods (prior to signing & receiving). Only certified personnel are allowed to receive Dangerous Goods.

You can view the Laboratory Policies here.