Going Public with Impact

As public health practitioners and scientists, we need to communicate well – it’s as simple as that. Being able to explain our work clearly and with impact is fundamental to our success at so many levels, from helping to create an informed public that supports and values science, to sharing our work with our peers in way that is meaningful and promotes dialogue. Sadly, the art and science of effective communication is rarely taught formally at universities – we must learn, Jedi-style, from mentors we seek out, and not everyone has the opportunity to find their communications Obi-Wan.

In this monthly informal lecture series, we’ll cover a variety of topics related to effective communication, from writing clearly to networking with other scholars to giving a killer conference talk. Through a mix of instruction, Q&A, and personal reflections from SPPH faculty and staff who are communications powerhouses in areas from Twitter to OpEds, you’ll have the chance to develop your communications skills in a fun and friendly environment – skills you’ll then be able to deploy in your own research and communication practice. Join us!

Dr. Jennifer Gardy is an Assistant Professor in SPPH, based at the BC Centre for Disease Control. When not sequencing pathogen genomes to track the latest outbreaks, Jenn is a passionate science communicator. She's guest-hosted many episodes of CBC Television's The Nature of Things and Discovery Channel's nightly science newsmagazine Daily Planet, has written a children's book and many pieces for print news and magazines, sits on the advisory board for the kids' science magazine Owl, and teaches science communication workshops to grad students and postdocs across Canada through the Mitacs research network.

Katherine Came is SPPH's Communications Manager. An experienced communicator, she has worked with several not-for-profit and governmental organizations.

Past Seminars

Resource materials
March 18
Dealing with the media Working with the media (PDF)
January 28
Giving a great talk Giving a great talk (PDF)
November 26
Writing with clarity Writing with clarity (PDF)
Helpful links (PDF)
October 29
Growing Your Personal Network Networking isn’t gross (PDF)
September 24
Designing an Effective Conference Poster Awesome Posters (PDF)