First peer navigators ready to guide prostate cancer patients
March 22, 2017The first peer navigators are ready to help newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients navigate the healthcare system. Read More >

FNHA and UBC establish chair to prevent cancer and improve wellbeing
March 17, 2017The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) and the University of British Columbia have created a faculty position dedicated to improving cancer outcomes and overall wellness among First Nations and Indigenous people, based in the School of Population and Public Health and the FNHA. Credit: Lindsey Donovan Photography Read More >

Investigating the secret to a long and healthy life
March 15, 2017An SPPH study is looking into the diets of ‘super seniors’ – people who have reached 85 years and older without developing a major age-related disease – to discover what foods could have helped keep them healthy. Read More >

Meet Our Students: Dr. Martina Scholtens, Resident and MPH student
March 10, 2017Meet Dr. Martina Scholtens, Resident and MPH student, and learn all about her work with refugees, some translation hiccups, and her next novel idea. Read More >

Meet people where they are: harm reduction and the opioid crisis in British Columbia
February 28, 2017We sat down with BCCDC harm reduction lead and SPPH Professor Jane Buxton and Associate Professor Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes to talk about their work in harm reduction services, what this involves, and what measures they would like to see to address the opioid overdose crisis. Read More >

Universal public coverage of essential medicines would improve access, save billions
February 27, 2017Publicly funding essential medicines could cover the cost of nearly half of all prescriptions in Canada, removing financial barriers for Canadians while saving $3 billion per year. Read More >

Get involved with the SPPH Exchange
February 14, 2017The School of Population and Public Health Exchange is fast approaching on March 3rd - here's why you should get involved. Read More >

Empowering people, reducing harms
February 3, 2017As all levels of government have struggled to respond to the overdose crisis, a close-knit network of people across the province has been working quietly to reduce drug-related harms in their communities for years. Professor Jane Buxton speaks with Jackie Wong for the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies about the Peer Engagement and Evaluation Project. Read More >

Older Canadians skip meds due to cost, putting them at risk for complications
February 1, 2017One in 12 Canadians aged 55 and older skipped prescriptions due to cost in 2014, the second-highest rate among comparable countries, new UBC research has found. Read More >

MHA student’s senior care app wins hackathon prize
January 31, 2017An app for seniors’ care, the brainchild of Master of Health Administration (MHA) student Christina Chiu, has taken home a health authority hackathon prize. Read More >