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WorkDay Updates

Oct 27, 2020 |



[tab title=”Transition Details”]

WorkDay is live!

This is an important milestone for UBC that will help simplify how we work together, not just in HR and Finance, but across faculty and staff too. It will also provide the foundation for UBC to implement Workday for students.

The launch of a new system like this can be stressful and we recognize that these are extraordinary times. So please be kind and respectful to one another during this transition and know that everyone is doing their absolute best to make this launch as successful as possible. With the right support, practice, and kindness, we’ll all get there together.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to making this a success.

Below is a document providing a summary of the changes and contact points regarding Workday.


[tab title=”Login and Support”]

Accessing Workday

Please visit http://myworkday.ubc.ca/

Available support

We recognize that it will take time for everyone to get used to the new system and ways of working. While we don’t expect everything to be perfect from day one, the new Integrated Service Centre (ISC) will be available to support you from next week. The ISC team will:

  • Provide day-to-day support with Workday and help to answer questions
  • Assist with Workday issues, such as access, errors, and functionality
  • Connect you with other teams around the university for support as needed

From November 2, you will be able to get assistance in a variety of ways

  1. Searching through the WorkDay online knowledge base
  2. Submitting a ticket
  3. Call an ISC representative at 604-822-8200 for urgent issues
  4. Email the WorkDay Rovers at ubcenrl-ml-cep4rovers@mail.ubc.ca | View Schedule
  5. Connect with our departmental leads below:
    Finance: Devon Reed – finance.assistant@spph.ubc.ca
    HR: Michaela Butler – executive.assistant@spph.ubc.ca


[tab title=”Ways to Prepare”]

Preparing for Workday Go-Live

As UBC prepares for the implementation of Workday on November 2, the Integrated Renewal Program has been working closely with UBC Finance and Human Resources to determine a plan to transition from current systems to Workday. This plan has been built in consultation with faculty and staff to ensure minimal disruption where possible. However, the transition to Workday does require you to work around a series of careful steps and will require your support to ensure a successful transition. For any questions on these milestones, you can create a ticket via ServiceNow and which will route your questions to the appropriate IRP team members.

What you can do to prepare

To set yourself up for success, please ensure that you have completed the training relevant to your role.

Also, visit the IRP website for helpful go-live resources, including day one and week one checklists, and instructions such as how to login and set up the mobile app.

Cutover Overview

‘Cutover’ is a critical technical phase to enable the transition from our current systems to Workday. This period involves deadlines for entering information into our current systems, as well as dates and times when our current systems will be unavailable. During any periods of system downtime, an interim process will be put in place to allow for operational continuity as we transition from our current systems to Workday.

The UBC community will be required to complete specific actions in line with these dates. During any periods when current systems are not available, an interim process will be put in place to allow for operational continuity while Workday is prepared for use.

Please refer to this link for Workday milestones and service outage dates. Click “System Outages and Access Details” to see upcoming outage and access information for HRMS, FMS, PAT, RISe, ISIS, and Hyperion 1.0 in preparation for Workday go-live.


[tab title=”Purchasing”]

Key Points

  • The October statement will be the final one reconciled using Centresuite and paper statements
  • Transactions posted to a PCard on or after October 16th will be loaded into Workday to be reconciled using Workday Expense reports
  • PCards can be used to make payments during the PeopleSoft freeze and cutover to Workday
  • Forms and applications received using the current procedures on or before Friday, October 30th will be processed
  • After October 30th only forms and applications received through Workday will be processed

Key Dates

Date  Name Description
October 16th New Transactions held for Workday ·         All transactions posted to a PCard on or after October 16th will be loaded into Workday
October 21st4:30 PM Centresuite Reconciliation cut-off

·         The September 16-October 15th statement will be closed in Centresuite

·         Speedcharts and account codes will be locked to load into PeopleSoft

October 30th PCard form deadline

·         Paper Pcard applications and change requests received after October 30th will not be processed

·         Any form received after this deadline must be recreated in Workday

November 2nd Workday go-live

·         PCard transactions will be available in Workday for reconciliation

·         Credit card applications and forms will be available inside Workday using Workday requests

·         Cardholders can begin setting up Delegates to assist with reconciliation


More details on the changes and links to the training resources are below.

How is Reconciliation Changing?

               Reconciliation processes, workflow and roles

The reconciliation system will change. The Workday Expense reports system will be used to reconcile transactions. Centresuite and paper statements will no longer be used.

The reconciliation cycle will change. Instead of reconciling a monthly statement, transactions can be reconciled as they are posted to a card.

Expense reports can be used to reconcile one or many transactions at a time.


Transactions will not automatically post against a default cost centre. Only transactions on completed Expense Reports will be posted to the ledger.

The roles in the process will change. The Workday Expense report approval workflow, outlined below, will be followed for credit card reconciliations:

Forms and applications

Credit card applications and forms are being built into Workday to allow for online submission and approval.

Training Resources
We recommend that cardholders and potential delegates take Workday Basics, Workday Finance 101 and Workday Finance 201.

  • Workday Finance 101 Introduces the expense report process
  • Workday Finance 201 Provides detail on more complicated expense reports, reconciling credit card transactions and the delegation process

The IRP team has produced a Workday job aid for Credit Card requests.


Many cardholders receive support from their department’s card coordinator. This role will not transition into Workday.

The changes to the reconciliation process mean that many cardholders will require a delegate to help them reconcile their card.

As part of the planning for Workday look into which cardholders will need delegates and who the delegates should be.

If you have any questions or need support, please contact your Procurement Partner or email at finops.support@ubc.ca.

Please also view a quick reference guide for Journal Vouchers below.