New Students Guide

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Congratulations on being accepted into the MPH program at UBC! Please follow the steps below to ensure a smooth transition to your new life as an MPH student.

1. Accept your offer

Please login to the online admissions system and accept your offer.

2. Review the Orientation Guide

Please review the MPH Orientation Guide. The Orientation Guide should answer any questions you may have and you are strongly urged to read the entire document and reference it throughout your program. If you are an Aboriginal student, you may wish to take a look at the SPPH Handbook for Aboriginal Students, which lists many resources on campus.

3. Register for courses

After reviewing the program requirements, select the courses you would like to register for the next term. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the Student Service Centre (SSC) to register for your courses. You will also find video tutorials for the registration system.

Recommended Stats Prep Course: Students without prior university-level studies in math or statistics are recommended to take a preparatory statistics course the week before their first year program begins. Students who have been identified to take this course will receive a personal notice from the program.

4. Pay your tuition

Check your fee amounts and due dates and pay fees online through the SSC. Annual tuition fees are divided into three installments, due in September, January and May.

5. Update your personal information

MPH program office regularly emails important information to students, if your contact information changes please update your information online at the Student Services Centre website, and also email MPH Program Office your new email address and phone number.

6. Attend Student Orientation and other MPH events

During the summer, you will receive invitation to key SPPH and MPH events taking place in September and October.

You are highly encouraged to attend these events, as they will provide you with great opportunities to meet SPPH students, faculty, and staff and learn more about the MPH program. The key events are SPPH Orientation, MPH orientation, MPH Meet & Greet and Practicum Showcase, SPPH Annual Fall Reception, and MPH Practicum Information Session. Please note that we time all major SPPH and MPH events take place during Distributed Learning weekends so that DL students can attend.

Please visit the SPPH calendar for events dates for this year.

Faculty of Graduate Studies also organizes an orientation event for new graduate students.

7. Contact your Faculty Advisor and Student Buddy

All incoming MPH students are assigned a faculty advisor who can help with course selection, career development, practicum placement, and more. Please ensure that you contact your faculty advisor to setup a meeting at the beginning of the term.

The program allocates a second year MPH student as a buddy for incoming students new to Canada and to Vancouver. Please introduce yourself to your buddy at the beginning of the term.