Master of Science in Occupational & Environmental Hygiene


“Hygiene was the best decision I have ever made; the work is diverse and useful and challenging.”

Nora Maher (MSc OEH Graduate 1996)

Offered by the Occupational and Environmental Health Division in the School of Population and Public Health (SPPH), this Master of Science program leads to professional or research careers that make a difference to community and work environments and to people’s health.

The “occupational and environmental hygiene” field refers to recognition, evaluation and control of chemical, physical and biological hazards in workplaces and the community. The MSc OEH program teaches the sciences of exposure measurement, exposure control, and assessment of health effects of occupational and environmental exposures.


SPPH has renowned faculty, innovative research, and exceptional learning environments. The MSc OEH is also the only graduate program in this field in western Canada.


The MSc OEH offers more possibilities for students by offering two program options: project (professionally oriented) and thesis (research oriented)


Students are offered excellent opportunities in research, policy papers, monitoring, and projects –  from development stages through to field work, analysis, and report writing.

Students come to the program from diverse undergraduate backgrounds, including biology, chemistry, engineering, geography, kinesiology, laboratory science, microbiology, nursing, medicine, physics, psychology, and resource management. This diversity provides a stimulating and creative learning environment as each student brings their specialized knowledge to bear on problem solving.

Graduates of this program often become certified professionals after writing the exams offered by either the Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists or the American Board of Industrial Hygiene.